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There are times when life gets rough, and you get injured. It’s not your fault. The car came out of nowhere, and now you are hurt and out of work. Or maybe your were injured at work due to negligence of your employer. This isn’t your fault, either. In order to keep the roof over your head, get the medical attention you deserve and pay for medical bills, you must take action. Contacting an attorney that specializes in injury cases is one of the most sure fire ways to address this situation. Get the money you deserve for your case by working with the best attorney in injury. Call Dan Newlin and his team today if you are suffering from an injury, accident or negligence. He’s the best for the job. If you want to settle your dispute, there is no better place to turn.

About Dan Newlin And His Team

Dan Newlin and his team have their offices in Greater Chicago, South Florida and Central Florida. These are the areas they service, so if you are injured and in one of these areas, give them a call as soon as possible to get your case started fast. There’s no reason to wait. Dan is well qualified for the job, and he only hires the best attorneys to work with him on his team. He started his career in law by joining law enforcement. He was 20 years old when he decided to join the law enforcement and fire fighters in Indiana. When he left the state of Indiana he went to Florida. There, he worked at the police station until he attained the high rank of Sherif. He worked 10 years in Florida’s law enforcement. When he began his practice outside of law enforcement he brought with him the knowledge and skills of a true professional. Dan Newlin was discussed in this press release as well.

Since he started practicing law Dan has always been patient to listen to all aspects and details of his clients cases. He hires the best and brightest attorneys to work on cases with him. His staff screens calls carefully. They look for any ways that the client can win the case and get the justice they deserve.

Just Call #DAN

In a new world of social media, like Twitter, the hashtag is common place. Dan and his team decided to create a shortened phone number for their clients who live in Greater Chicago, Central Florida and South Florida. In any place where Dan Newlin and his attorney team has offices, current clients can call #DAN to reach them. This is, of course, much easier than remembering a long 10 digit phone number.

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