James River Capital Helps New Businesses Get Started


Entrepreneurs who want to start a business often find that the hardest part of the venture is getting the funding needed to finance it.  They may have the best idea in the world but cannot achieve the capital to bring that idea to life.  Many business minded people start with loans from family and friends, but even this may not generate enough money to get the business off the ground.  Seeking a small loan from a bank is a viable option, but it may take a larger loan to accomplish what is needed for the new business.  Better assurance can be derived by turning to an investment company such as James River Capital for alternative funding sources.

Paul Saunders is an executive with James River Capital and has years of expertise in helping start-up companies find the money they need to begin.  In exploring all available options, it is suggested that the potential new business owner go to their local Chamber of Commerce which is a resource of options for funding.  Another suggestion is that the entrepreneur get help from an angel investor.  These are people who invest in businesses before it is officially open for the initial offering to the public.  There are many institutional investors who do this, and angel investors are based on the same assertion.

Financial independence is a goal that everyone strives for.  Paul Sanders understands this need, and the impact that it can have on a person’s life.  With the advent and progression of technology, the financial independence can be easier to achieve.  He has been dealing with alternative investments and knows that diversifying financial assets is a powerful tool.  He believes that financial situations can be solidified if people would allow technology to work in their favor.  This could be beneficial when starting a new business by reaching out by way of the internet to do crowd funding which is allowing many people to fund a business idea if they like it.

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