Keith Man Is Leading The Executive Search Industry

When it comes to staffing in the executive search industry, Keith Mann has plenty of experience. He has been working in the field for over fifteen years and has a vast amount of knowledge which he uses to advance his company and provide its clients with the very best talent that can be found. He previously was with Dynamics Executive Search where he worked as the Managing Director. He was tasked with finding skilled professionals to work for financial services companies globally. He was able to launch another company within that company that primarily dealt with alternative investments. The company was appropriately named Alternative Investment practice.


Keith Mann created Dynamic Search Partners in 2009 to cater exclusively to alternative investment firms. He is responsible for the company’s day to day management and serves as the CEO. In his capacity, he is able to provide professionals that specialize in marketing and internal strategy as well as individuals that are proficient in investing.Dynamic Search Partners was a spinoff of his previous firm Dynamic Associates. Keith Mann took the old company and applied his years of experience and knowledge to create what is now Dynamic Search Partners.


Keith Mann says that he grew up in an environment where he was exposed to many top professionals in the investment and executive world which he credits for his natural ability and in-depth knowledge. He also says that although he enjoyed working for other companies in the past, which gave him the hands-on experience he needed, he is happy that he works for himself now and calls all of the shots in business ventures.

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