Lifesaving Survival Hacks From Wengie

YouTube’s Wengie is a plethora of knowledge. Her videos have tons of timesaving, and money saving hacks for just about anything and she is quite the character. (Try to watch a video without a smile). I found this video that is all about hacks that potentially save your life.


Survival hacks.

  1. Use a car charger cord, your car key, and a nine volt battery to charge your phone. Keep the battery in your glove box so it is there when you need to call for help when your phone battery is dead.
  2. Drinking water hacks- filter creek water with two containers and the shirt off your back. How to mimic nature and use empty bottles to collect rain water.
  3. Stash some cash between your phone and phone case in case of emergency (like leaving your purse at home).
  4. DIY dust masks for earthquake or other dirty emergencies-use your bra! Any cup size is big enough to cover your nose and mouth.
  5. Kindling for a fire- the best kindling can be your bag of chips! Those greasy nacho’s and the bag they came in make good fire fodder.
  6. How to build a fire without lighter or matches. Use your water bottle or a sandwich bag, with water inside, to magnify the sun.
  7. Wengie shows us how to use a needle, leaf, water, and a cup to make a compass.
  8. Using crayons as candles in power outage. Melt the wax top first and then when the paper catches you get up to 30 minutes of light.
  9. Emergency batteries for a flashlight, using one working battery and foil wrap. (This battery hack works for just about any battery operated item).
  10. When out alone, carry your car keys with the ring in your palm and the sharp keys pointing out between your fingers, making a fist. You can then use them as weapons to protect yourself if needed.


So there is a few of Wengie’s survival hacks, some quite helpful and others a bit on the lighter side.

Learn more about WEngie:

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