Lime Crime Cosmetics Will Have You Looking Your Best

Lime Crime is a popular cosmetics company known for being on the cutting edge of style and fashion. They offer a full line of cosmetics and other beauty products that will not only help you look your best but keep you at the front of what is in style. This spring is no different, with the company providing you with the latest in what looks will be in this year.

Long a color of royalty, this year purple is also the color of spring according to Lime Crime. Whether it is a soft lilac blush or a deep burgundy eyeshadow, the purple family can provide you with a beautiful and flowery shade to brighten even the rainiest spring day. To experience a few different shades of purple, as well as some other great colors, check out the Venus 3 pallet. It features 3 different shades of purple to get you started.

The next recommendation is to pick up a highlighter and learn how to use it. A highlighter can help accentuate the natural angles of your face and bring out your cheekbones and jawline. They recommend starting off by finding your cheekbones, then from the middle highlight upwards along the cheek line. This will provide a subtle lightening effect that greatly enhances your face shape. It can also be used under the eyes if you are looking to add a little brightness to that area and open them up a bit.

Finally, the boldest suggestion of all, adding a little neon to your makeup look. While neon is seen as bright and vivid, and not normally a standard face color when used subtly and in small amounts, it can provide an enormous amount of vibrancy to an otherwise standard makeup look. Try out the Venus 2 eyeshadow pallet for a set that features mostly traditional colors, but also has a brilliant neon blue color to test.

Keeping up with the latest from Lime Crime will ensure that you always look your best and that your best look is always in style. With great products and great advice, you no longer have to worry about keeping up with the latest and greatest trends.

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