Lime Crime Dazzles Fans With A New Product

The Diamond Crusher Lip Topper is a Lime Crime product that achieved amazing popularity, thanks to their numerous fans online. This is an iridescent product that highlights the lips, eyes, cheeks or the body. Recently, Lime Crime released the news that a new product was due to hit the market in November. This product is an eye shadow version of the very popular lip topper. News about the release started a big buzz on social media among Lime Crime fans. Fortunately, Lime Crime fans were not disappointed with the new Diamond Dew product, which received glowing reviews.

The New Diamond Dew

The new Diamond Dew liquid eye shadow is very sparkly and packaged in a triangular tube. The new shape also set people talking with excitement about the eye shadow version of the lip topper produced by Lime Crime. Lime Crime states that the eye shadow is worn over naked lids or used over shadow or other places on the face and body. The product contains particles that reflect light, which are responsible for the dazzling glow. The Diamond Dew product is also available in several colors.

About Lime Crime Products

Doe Deere is the very imaginative and creative founder of the Lime Crime cosmetics company. Doe Deere was on a personal and business mission to create a makeup for boys and girls that allowed them to express their individuality in a creative way. The Unicorn Queen had a great love for bold and dazzling colors that were something quite different. Certainly, this is very apparent in the Lime Crime collection that has achieved amazing popularity.

It is also interesting to note that all the Lime Crime products are vegan and cruelty free. This is something that the founder, Doe Deere, insisted upon. Deere oversees all the products that are produced by her company and would not release a product to the consumer market without giving it her complete approval. Doe Deere is a young entrepreneur that never gave up on her dream to create her own makeup line. Deere is a strong supporter of other female entrepreneurs and encourages them to pursue their dreams too.

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