Local Inspiration Leads Gino Pozzo To International Soccer Club Ownership

The reputation of the Pozzo family in soccer circles is almost unmatched with Gino Pozzo becoming the leader of the family soccer business. The club the family first purchased was the Italian team, Udinese which is based on the home region of the family. Gino Pozzo’s father was the first member of the family to show an interest in purchasing Udinese as he felt the local community would be damaged by the financial meltdown of the club. Gino Pozzo has since led the family to ownership of teams in the Spanish league and now in the English top division.

After leading Udinese to glory in the 2000s with their rise to a place in the prestigious Champion’s League, Gino Pozzo moved his family to the soccer hub of Barcelona to learn more about the sport. While in Barcelona, Pozzo led the move to purchase F.C. Grenada at a time when the club sat outside the elite level of Spain’s La Liga. Pozzo would lead Grenada to promotion to La Liga and stability in the top league of Spanish professional soccer. With a dedicated push towards creating his own model of soccer ownership, Gino Pozzo began to carve his own path through the sporting sector.

After buying the English team, Watford F.C, in 2012, Pozzo moved his family to England to be closer to the club and would eventually move into an office at the historic Vicarage Road stadium. The success achieved at Grenada had led to many interested parties looking to buy the club with Gino Pozzo pushing for players to move between the teams owned by his family. With Premier League status assured, Gino Pozzo oversaw the sale of F.C. Grenada as he sought to put all the focus of the family on Udinese and Watford with even more financial muscle than ever before.

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