Maarten De Jeu and The Farrell Fellows Internship

For children who are eager to learn, education in science is a very precious thing. The study of science stimulates the intellect and drives curiosity, which is why it such a valuable area of study for young scholars. All of this is why Maarten de Jeu, a highly successful international financier now based in the Chicago area, is backing the Farrell Fellows internship. This internship gets teenage students in the Chicago area involved in learning about science, through programs implemented at the Museum of Science and Industry (MSI). The Farrell Fellows Internship

The Farrell Fellows Internship program runs through the summer, over the course of a five-week period and the course includes training for the students in leadership and public speaking as well as in science. When the students complete this stimulating summer internship program they are given an opportunity to present the results of their science experiments at community meetings and at the MSI museum itself. These presentations call on the students to work hard to create the best evaluation of their work that they can, in a way that is interesting and thought-provoking. All
of this makes the Farrell program a highly gratifying one for the students and for those who administer the program.

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The SVM Business Advisory Group and The Science Spins Program in Chicago Before developing the current Farrell program, Maarten de Jeu acted as the founder and managing partner of the SVM Business Advisory Group. He also acted as co-chair of the Science Spins Program at MSI, which was a program that provided the background and history of the bicycle in
an entertaining and informative way.

Maarten de Jeu’s Financial Background
Maarten de Jeu is a financial advisor and International Banker with a strong background in international relations. A graduate of Oxford University, De Jeu founded the SVM Business Advisory back in 2012, and he also acts as an advisor to many Fortune 100 executives who work in finance and insurance. He also advises the leaders of numerous tech startup companies as well as other many highly successful business leaders of high net worth.

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