Maarten de Jeu’s Wise Counsel on Global Expansion

Maarten de Jeu is a strategic business advisor with experience in corporate development. The successful international businessman has an M.A in Social Science and majored in Public Administration at Leiden University. He received his MBA from Oxford University, where he obtained multilingual skills and graduated at the top of his class.

In 2012, Maarten de Jeu founded his own company, SVM Business Advisory, a boutique, global strategy consulting firm. As the Managing Director of the firm, he helps clients come up with long-lasting solutions that bring about positive results. Through this company, he has headed successful growth projects for various international companies.

As an expert on international business and a trusted advisor in development strategy: he advises business owners to take their time and understand the local markets abroad. According to him, this requires patience and energy for fruitful results. He argues that it is essential for businesses to take into consideration cultural differences in the foreign markets, which determines success or failure. The businessman outlines factors to be considered while looking forward to expanding globally.

Maarten de Jeu presents quality as the first factor. He insists on high-quality goods for a good first impression. He insists on product uniformity, which translates to high quality in markets abroad. Secondly, he advises on learning local languages as a way to try to eliminate cultural differences: This may help in avoiding embarrassing outcomes and also assist in obtaining a rough idea of the local business grasp through interaction. Learn more:

Marten de Jeu insists on the need to develop dedication in the overseas market. Establishing a long term relationship can help in the expansion. This can be met by hiring local employees instead of the distribution of existing ones. According to him, business owners should consider the market conditions in terms of competition, demand for the product, and so on. If the product already exists and at a lower price, then venturing into the market will obtain no results. As expertise in international business, he contends on the importance of following accepted business practices such as having a business plan. Without a business plan, the company is just going blindly into the market with no knowledge whatsoever on what to expect.

While expanding into global markets, Maarten de Jeu emphasizes the importance of seeking the advice of local expertise, to help develop a deeper understanding of the rules and regulations guiding business practices in the country. Another important factor that he thinks needs to be understood is that global expansion is a process that does not take place in one day. It requires investment in both time and funds to achieve successful growth. Lastly, he insists on flexibility, in case of changes and needs to adjust at any point on the market. He terms flexibility as a vital tool in business expansion.

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