Magnises, McFarland and the New Millennial Business Platform

For millennials in the business world things can take a dreary turn relatively quickly, but Billy McFarland does not think it should be that way. Indeed, so strongly did Mr. McFarland feel about the state of the current of millennials in the workforce in his residency of New York City that he created a business to cater specifically to them, Magnises. Magnises is a membership only organization which is, like it’s creator, based out of West 24th Street, New York City. Once membership is attain all customers will be given a little ebony card made of metal which can be flashed at any of the many businesses and other venues affiliated with Magnises whereupon the card owner will be granted a sizable financial discount on all goods and services at the given establishment as seen in


While this might sound quite standard Magnises is far more than just a fancy coupon club. For the benefits of McFarland’s company do not stop with mere discounts, for in addition to the financial slashing, card holders will also be granted instant VIP status which means increased access. Additionally, the card can also be used in conjunction with the Magnises App which lists all of the affiliated business venues and tracks them in real time and lists their location. What this means is that you can easily plan out your calendar such that you never miss a Magnises affiliated event such as a concert, dance or gala. See for other news.


Billy McFarland, a former computer engineer at Bucknell University, explained in a recent interview that the idea for the company came about due to the profligacy of credit cards. Ubiquitous items which people carry with them everywhere and use for financial interactions have a ritualistic quality, especially for millennials, much in the same way cell phones are viewed by most, not as a luxury, but a necessity for business. As such, McFarland gambled on ubiquity and ritual and won big time. Read more here in


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