The experts have already made their predictions regarding how real estate sector in New York is going to fare in 2016. Most of the predictions made touch on prices of the houses and condominiums. They also show how the stock exchange will stand to influence the real state. Other predictions show how demand and supply graphs will look like in 2016. New rentals are expected to attend the real estate party in 2016. These rentals are going to affect the real estate pricing and stock exchange in one or the other. The other big prediction that is already taking effect in the New York real estate sector is the fact that interest rates will rise thus reducing the number of sales made.

Town Residential is among the companies that are predicted to come out successful this year. This company deals majorly with residential property. It sells and rents out apartments and luxury condos. The diversity is one thing that has enabled Town Residential to survive the wavy New York real estate industry for many years. The price of this company’s shares in the stock exchange cannot be affected by a problem experienced on one side of the industry. Predictions, therefore, show that it will sail through 2016 to garner more success than its competing companies.

Prices in Brooklyn and Queens are expected to rise than ever before. An increase in the prices and the slow rate of buying will finally bring the prices back to low again. This produces a cycle in the prices and rates in this region’s real estate investment. Brooklyn pacific street is the most sought for place. Many of Town Residential property is found along this strip which puts it at the top of its competitors.

Buyers in Brooklyn will get the temptation of buying rental buildings that give more incentives. However, Brooklyn, according to the predictions will have more investments regarding real estate. This factor is going to give buyers the option of only renting the houses. Williamsburg and Downtown Brooklyn are going to have more rental being built thus affecting their chances of being bought.

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