Matt Fleeger and Persistence

Matt Fleeger and others are interested in innovation to do better business. VR provides a tremendous medium to carry out forms of therapy and possible value for oil and gas and other industries.

It’s because it allows therapists to expose their patients to a variety of situations relating to their mental illness. But since they are able to do so in a virtual environment, they can monitor their patients in real time while also keeping them safe from unnecessary risks.

VR also makes it possible for these experts to push the envelope like never before.

Here’s an example.

PTSD is often the leading cause of mental illness in war veterans. These individuals cannot help but relive the horrors that they have seen, only for them to affect their mental health with anxiety, depression, or panic disorders, while also causing other symptoms such as stress, paranoia and insomnia.

It is one of the most pressing issues towards the welfare of vets, who are rendered unable to serve after coming back home. But even more worryingly, they are unable to function like they used to do before, which affects their professional opportunities in everyday jobs. And to add to the unfortunate consequences of the illness, their personal relationships also get affected.

But through VR, psychotherapy professionals could now have these individuals placed in a virtual environment that sends them back into memories of war, so they could peer into what’s affecting them but under a controlled environment. This helps improve the treatment options for such individuals, and opens door to new ways of treatment.

The program is not just hypothetical, but it has been tried in real time to great results. More programs like this are either being developed or tested, and would soon be available for mental health professionals to help their patients.

Matt Fleeger has realized that when one is able to become thorough in their work then they are able to do well.

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