Microscopes Can Be Installed Into A Smartphone!

Have you ever wondered what kind of nasty germs are lurking around your home, someone else’s home, or public places? Of course, you would never actually be able to see those germs, unless you own a microscope. Traditional microscopes can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. However, that might soon change. Scientists at the University of Houston have created a microscope that can be added to your smartphone! This has proven to be very exciting news for Jason Halpern.

One day these lenses may be installed in smartphones of the average person, allowing them to check surfaces for dangerous pathogens.

I would be willing to bet that this would also improve sanitation, if it catches on. Imagine if you looked at your hands with the device and found that they were teeming with thousands of dangerous germs! It would certainly be a big motivator to wash your hands! The same would go for finding dangerous germs around the house as well.


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    Matt Farrar May 19, 2018

    This would likely enhance all aspects of sanitation, and most likely diminish sickness. This new focal point just costs 3 pennies to make. It is nice to see that writing essays services might be the only thing that is stopping them from doing all that they can.

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