Nick Vertucci Sets the Stage for Real Estate Investment

For over 19 years, Nick Vertucci has made a name for himself in the real estate investment industry. He has been greatly recognized for his success in buying homes and selling them at a profit. When Nick decided to venture into the real estate business back in 2002, he had just lost his business as a result of the rise in the dot com boom. His previous business was all about selling computer accessories. The recession of 2000 left Vertucci broke. He was, however, able to turn his luck around and in a few years, he was a millionaire.

Finding a mentor to guide him was a key step in the path to his success. He also took great interest in reading and studying continuously. He would continuously interact with people in the real estate market every chance he got, to learn new things that can help build up his confidence and knowledge in the field. He was, however, far from being perfect as he made many mistakes. Nick found it to be far more rewarding when he learned from his mistakes. He actually moved on to make use of what he learned from his mistakes. In 2014, Nick opened the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA).

Recently, Nick Vertucci released a book, his first book, titled: Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed. The book is a story of how he overcame adversities to make it in the real estate world. The book further scrutinizes his strategies that other entrepreneurs and upcoming real estate agents can find helpful in the journey to success in their fields. Nick is currently the CEO of the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, a company that has multiple locations in the United States. The company has offices in California and Nevada. The firm has emerged to be the fastest growing real estate company as well as the real estate consultancy firm.

Nick has successfully used his passion for real estate to grow his own personal career in the industry and also to inspire and motivate other people to follow in his footsteps and be successful. He continues to teach other entrepreneurs the tricks of the trade and also enlightens them on how they can gain their own financial independence and stability. According to Nick, Financial freedom is a key stepping stone to becoming successful in the real estate business and any entrepreneurial venture.

As real estate can be a cutthroat, it is important to learn from the best such as Nick. He shares strategies on how to make wealth in real estate with upcoming entrepreneurs. Some strategies include confidence, emotional control, knowing one bad hand won’t end the game and adaptability. He also encourages entrepreneurs to use their confidence to always take the lead in business transactions. A trait that has helped him be a pro in poker games. Nick Vertucci has made great profits from his poker games. Many assume that as he did not attend school to learn his skills he is a natural at real estate investor.

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