George Soros Tries to Help with Politics

Since George Soros has been working as an activist and a philanthropist, he has learned the right way to do things and the way that things will be better for all of the people who he tries to help. As a dedicated liberal, George Soros knows that things will only get better if the power of the people is restored back to the way that it should be. To make that happen, he has had to make sure that things are going to work better for the people and to ensure that things are going to be able to improve all of the chances that they can try to do different things. There are many different experiences that George Soros has and all of these have contributed to the fact that he can try different things. It has helped him to make sure that things are going to work and has helped him to do more for people who are in different areas. Know more on about George Soros.

George Soros knows a lot about politics. He also knows what things can happen when a country does not have the help that they need. George Soros wants to make sure that things are going to not have to go the way that other countries did. In George Soros’s home country, he found out that things were not going to help people and that things were going to be able to get better. Despite the fact that George Soros knew a lot about these problems, he also knew how to fix them.

As one of the richest men in the world, George Soros is able to make a difference. He worked hard to make the money that he now has in his possession. He came from a difficult background, but he did not let that stop him from growing in the way that would make things better. Since then, he learned that he could help people with the things that they were doing and that he could make their own liberal opportunities possible. For George Soros to try and do different things, he had to make everything work on his own.

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Since the latest political race that happened, George Soros became more popular again. He knew the right way to try things and also knew that he could donate a lot of money. The Politico site reported that George Soros was donating money again and trying to help people with the things that they were doing. He was especially supportive of the Clinton campaign just like he was in the past with the other Clinton who was running for president. It helped him to make the right choices and spend the right amount of money to make a difference. Visit his profile on Twitter.

Why Is It Called Beneful?

Have you ever stopped to wonder why Beneful is named what it is?

This line of dog food products, which comes from the well known brand Purina, offers a wide range of dry and wet dog foods with wholesome ingredients that are good for your dog. The meaning behind the name Beneful commercial lies in these wholesome ingredients.

Why is it called Beneful?

Beneful is a word created by the Purina brand. The word is comprised of other words:beneficial  and full. A spokesperson for the Beneful line defined the word as “full of goodness.”

How is Beneful full of goodness?

Beneful dog foods all include a balance of ingredients focused on providing your dog with a well rounded meal. These ingredients include vital protein, carbohydrates, fiber and other nutrients. Beneful dog food blend is designed to provide a balance of the right nutrients while also offering a tasty meal for your dog. These nutrients come from foods like meat, eggs, whole grains, vegetables and fruit.

 What benefits do meat and eggs provide?

It’s a well known fact that meat comprises most of a dog’s diet, even in the wild. While dogs are omnivores, meat is vital to a dog’s health.

The meat and eggs in Beneful dog food, provide essential protein, fat and iron for your dog. These nutrients support healthy bones, muscles, blood and metabolism. Some of the meats included are beef, chicken, turkey and salmon.

What benefits do the whole grains provide?

The whole grains in Beneful dog food provide necessary carbohydrates for your dog’s energy levels and metabolism. These nutrients come from ingredients like corn, whole wheat, rice and barley.

What benefits do the veggies and fruit provide?

Vegetables and fruit provide key ingredients like fiber, vitamin A and vitamin B, all of which are important to your dog’s overall health.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: Two Men that have single-handedly changed the World

Have you ever thought of changing the world? I bet you have, primarily because you happened to get discontented about one thing or the other. I too have wanted to alter the world for as long as I can remember, to help solve most of the world’s problems. Read more: Michael Larcey | Crunchbase and Michael Larcey | Twitter

However, my breakthrough is yet to come, so I tend to think. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are two individuals that are changing society through their Frontera Fund.

The professional journalists have been using their wealth and influence to support organizations in the State of Arizona that richly advocate for civil and human rights. In 2007, Jim and Michael were victims of a rather unfortunate circumstance, where they were whisked off by Maricopa County Commandos from their homes in the middle of the night, in a rather unclear situation.

A few hours after the ordeal, it got determined that the two journalists got arrested because they had exposed the then Maricopa County Sherriff, Joe Arpaio, for atrocities committed while holding public office. To the disbelief of many, the duo got released after community members made a public outcry towards the arrests.

Days after their release, Jim, and Larkin got engaged in constant court battles where they sued Maricopa County for mistreatment and defamation. In an unprecedented move, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit awarded Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey with a $3.75 million settlement which they have so far used to finance the Frontera Fund.

Since the establishment of the Frontera Fund, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have been instrumental to the success of Promise Arizona. For seven years, Promise Arizona that is also known as Paz has been used to create the peace between society and the Hispanic Community. As a faith-based human rights organization, Paz has brought to book an individual like Arpaio, who has for many years caused untold pain and suffering to the Hispanic Community.

With a strong leader like Petra Falcon, Paz has been able to train young leaders, all with the aim of promoting civic engagement. To add the icing to the cake, Promise Arizona has also initiated several nonpartisan voter registration drives meant to register more voters so that they can eliminate oppressive regimes.

With the help of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, Promise Arizona has nurtured a lot of young leaders in a godly and impartial way, so that when they reach a level of authority, they get to lead with a lot of wisdom.

In its small way, the Frontera Fund has helped promote world peace by inspiring the local communities in Arizona to live in tolerance and harmony.

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About Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund


Business slow? White Shark Media is the Answer!

The online marketing Guru of or ages. The silent but dominant group, “White Shark media has stood firm over 6 years and still going stronger than ever! The quick marketing company started back in 2011, and has rapidly earned its place in the online platform as one of the strongest online based marketing company. Is your business experiencing hard times? White Shark media can surely assist with that. This marketing group not only gets your company’s name in peoples eyes, they reach out to them. With over 150 employees, the giants in marketing has reached every corner there is to be reached. Removed and changed the way of marketing. The magnificent marketing group has impressed its competitors by their constant success and partnering contracts. The brains behind the outfit is no less than amazing himself, Alexander Nygart, as opened new doors to marketing and expanding to 3 countries. The young businessman build a company that is mastering Adword search and advertising on Bing and Google. White Shark Media made a huge step by becoming partners with google back in 2014 after being awarded the Google Adwords. Word quickly spreads, as they were able to become microsoft associate. There’s a lot of marketing companies online right now, but only the ones like White Shark guarantees prioritizing your client base and providing new ways to of getting feedback from your customers. Well trained and motivated, White Shark media group is eager to take your company up 2 more levels, or even 6! by using their services you will see results, your customers will be satisfied and you will be in the right gear to get your business going the way you want it to. This company needs no recommendations, it is the recommendation. White Shark Media is beyond its years. Well done.


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Talk Fusion: They Are Of Great Importance Right Now

Talk Fusion is one of the most important products of the 21st century and I say that with the utmost confidence and that is not hyperbole. This is a company that is doing something good for people out there and they are trying to make real changes for real people. They are looking at the world we live in today, and they see many things that need to be changed and improved upon, but instead of complaining about it, they go out and they do them. They are giving people the chance to work from home if they use Talk Fusion, the video communications provider.

That is one of the greatest chances for a human being to have in today’s economic climate. It is a second chance for many people or even a third. They might have given up all hope that anything was going to be there for them. They had assumed they were going to be stuck in a certain type of job for the rest of their lives. Little did they know, there was a product out there like Talk Fusion with its video chats and video emails that was going to give them the chance they have been yearning for every day. Learn more:

After all, we live in a free country and people should be allowed to be happy. Yes, the bills have to be paid and they can’t just avoid those. However, they can pay their bills by running their own company and being their own CEO and founder much like Bob Reina. That is a great feeling for someone to have without a shadow of a doubt. It gives them this feeling of freedom and it translates into finally feeling comfortable and doing something they truly have a tremendous amount of desire for in their lives. Learn more:

They also know they are using a product that won two awards in 2016 (, most recently the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. This is not just any product. This is a product that wins awards and changes the course of people’s lives.

The Outstanding Entrepreneurial Career of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a successful entrepreneur in government and enterprise technology. He hasfounded and co-founded numerous companies globally. Some of the notable ventures he has established include Media Platform, Akana, Digital Evolution, US Interactive and ServiceMesh among others. He is also a celebrated public speaker at prestigious international technology conferences. Additionally, Pulier is a talented author and has published several books and articles. His most famous work is called Understanding Enterprise SOA, which details the importance of architecture in the service industry.

Entrepreneurial Journey

Eric Pulier’s entrepreneurial career started at an early age. He was a naturally intelligent kid who stood out from the rest. While in elementary school, he was already programming computers, despite the fact that this was in early 80’s when computer technology had not been fully developed and was still at its emerging stage. His innovative nature led him to form a database company while in high school. Eric graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University with a Bachelor of Arts in English and American literature in 1988. While at Harvard, he was a regular columnist for the Harvard Crimson and his pieces are still widely read to date. After graduation, Pulier moved to LA and started his first company, People Doing Things, in 1991. The company was dedicated to offering help to education and healthcare sectors using technology. So far, Pulier has established and financed more than 15 companies. Due to his remarkable skills, Eric has been severally appointed by the U. S. government to head various technological projects.


Pulier is a philanthropist and has impacted many people’s lives by donating to various charitable causes. One of the noteworthy causes is Painted Turtle, a camp that gives kids with chronic illnesses a chance to go out and have fun as they connect with others. He also gives these children funds to take care of their medical expenses. Eric also assisted in the development of Starbright World, a social media platform that helps children suffering from chronic illnesses get entertained and enjoy as they learn technological programs. He is a board member at XPrize Foundation, which rewards talented people who want to venture into the technology field.

Eric Pulier is a smart innovator with a generous heart who has made a tremendous impact in the technology industry. He continues to nurture upcoming talent in the technology field as he supports innovative start-ups.

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Jim Tananbaum Makes Great Strides In The Health Sector

Foresite capital is a private entity that specializes in supporting leaders in the health sector who intend to bring change into the industry. The idea of Foresite Capital came to Jim Tananbaum when he realized that tremendous changes needed to be incorporated into the sector so to ensure that more people in the society can be able to benefit out of the advantages of good health.

Additionally, technology was already taking over most of the processes in different industries, and therefore, incorporating into the health sector would in effect help to solve most of the problems that are faced by the community as a whole. At the moment, Foresite capital supports the undertaking of Mind Strong Health which is an enterprise in the health sector that incorporates the use of mobile phones to collect data related to the various psychological disorders that affect patients.

According to, the main idea behind Mind Strong’s Health invention is that people tap differently onto their mobile phone screens and by collecting data on how the tapping occurs using a mobile application, then it can be possible to cure some of the psychiatric conditions.

Jim Tananbaum has said that Foresite Capital principal objective is to nature pioneers of great ideas in the health sector, which in the end can help to bring solutions to the society in a positive manner. In turn, the area of health will quickly develop regarding information dissipation, capital development, and the creation of networks that will facilitate the exchange of information. The type 2 diabetes implants are another invention into which Foresite capital has invested. The design helps to control the blood sugar levels in the patient while at the same time motivating weight loss.

Jim holds a degree in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering which were his majors while studying at Yale University. Additionally, he attended Harvard University where he obtained his MD and MBA. He also attended MIT where he received a Masters in Engineering. From his education background, one can deduce that Jim admired to combine diverse disciplines which in the end helped him to establish Foresite Capital which made him the best investment strategist of all time.

Heavy Metal Legend Cassio Audi Goes From Viper To Investment Specialist

The investment specialist Cassio Audi would seem to have taken the traditional route to becoming a success after studying at Brazil’s Pontifical Catholic University and completing his education with an MBA from Sao Paulo University; however, what few people know or understand about Cassio Audi is his early life as a teenage drummer touring Brazil with the legendary heavy metal band, Viper. Audi appears on a series of early recordings that built the initial following of the band and created the base of support that would lead to them continuing to tour long into 2017.

In 1985, the life of Cassio Audi began to take a different turn when the teenage drummer got together with a number of friends in Sao Paulo and created the band Viper; Yves and Pit Passarell are known as the founders of Viper, but the initial following and development of the band can be put down to the commitment of the members of Viper, the Passarell brothers, vocalist Andre Matos, guitarist Felipe Machad, and drummer Cassio Audi. The band made its name from touring and live shows allowing the members to show off their impressive musical abilities.

It may seem difficult to compare the successful financial specialist of the present day with the heavy metal drummer of the 1980s, but Cassio Audi showed his commitment to both the band and the career he hoped to established as a teenager. Although he had already begun to find success as a drummer with Viper in 1985 with the release of a series of demo recordings showing the influence of British heavy metal band, Iron Maiden, on Viper. Audi would help to form the sound of the debut studio album from Viper, “Soldiers of Sunrise” before leaving to begin the successful career he now continues with as a finance and investment specialist.

Petrello had big payday in 2013, but by all accounts, he deserved it

In 2013, Tony Petrello was one of the highest paid CEOs in the United States. Making just over $68 million, the veteran CEO was certainly not hurting for money. Many people criticized this outsized payday as being both exorbitant to the shareholders and completely out of all proportion, based on Tony Petrello’s performance as CEO. However, there’s little to indicate that this payday fell outside of the normal range of pay that CEOs will perform as incredibly well as Petrello are usually awarded.

Between 1991 and 2013, Petrello led the company from a low stock price of just $0.50 per share all the way up to $50 per share, prior to the stock being split. Between 2013 and 2016, Petrello oversaw the stock doubling again. This track record makes Petrello one of the most productive CEOs in U.S. corporate history and starts to put a different perspective on his 2013 compensation package.

My Petrello’s real value to the company has come from his visionary leadership. After making a series of strategic acquisitions, Petrello successfully positioned that company to become the main provider of all directional drilling and fracking equipment to the Bakken Shale oil plays of North Dakota. This proved to be a huge boon to the company, sending sales through the roof and shooting the stock price to the stratosphere.

Aside from being one of the most qualified CEOs in the United States, with a Juris Doctor degree from Havard Law School and an MS in mathematics from Yale, Petrello has proven his acumen both as a corporate executive and as an able strategist. He has taken the company out of bankruptcy and led it on to become one of the most successful drilling services firms in the country. As long as Petrello remains at the helm of Nabors Industries, the company’s future has never looked more promising.

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The Journey of Eric Pulier’s Life and Career

Eric Pulier was born in 1966 and currently stays in Los Angeles, CA. He’s a philanthropist, author, and entrepreneur. Pulier grew up in Teaneck, NJ. While he was in the fourth grade, he started programming computers and opened a company for database computer in high school. In 1984, he went to Harvard University, where he majored in American literature, and English. Eric Pulier used to take classes at MIT, which was a neighboring school. In 1988, he graduated with great distinction and received a B.A Degree.

In 1991, Pulier went to stay in Los Angeles, where he founded PDT (People Doing Things). PDT was a company that was addressing education and health care, together with other issues using technology. He established Digital Evolution, which was an interactive agency, in the year 1994. In 1988, U.S Interactive merged with Digital Evolution. Pulier leads the effort of building the first private social network called Starbright World for children who were chronically ill, where they could blog, post content, chat, and meet with other children sharing similar experiences.

He was selected by the PIC (Presidential Inaugural Committee) to execute and create The Bridge to the Twenty-First Century in Washington D.C. He participated in the technology forum and health care of Al Gore, a former United States Vice President. He advised on technology initiatives and health care. He’s also a participant and supporter with the CGI (Clinton Global Initiative)

Pulier Co-founded ServiceMesh. He serves as its CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and Chairman. He is the founder of SOA Software and served as CEO and Chairman of the company for three years, and its CTO (Chief Executive Officer) for almost a year. He is a pioneer in the digital and software interactive industries for more than two decades.

Pulier is the co-founder of IVT (Interactive Video Technology) and Desktone. He works at LogicLibrary for Soa Software as Executive Chairman. He used to worked for AppSense, Inc, as a director. He works for ELC (Enterprise Leadership Council) as Executive Director. He used to work for MPOD Inc as Director, since the year 1998 up to 2000.

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