Paris Restricts Car Traffic In Order To Mitigate Air Pollution


Starting today, Paris will cut the number of cars on its roads in half. It will also make public transportation free in order to mitigate the sudden increase in air pollution that has obscured even the Eiffel Tower.

On Saturday, the mayor’s office announced that only cars with odd-numbered license plates will be allowed on the roads, along with any vehicles that have over three people and any hybrid and electric cars. The bike-sharing and electric-sharing programs will be free.

According t0 Ray Lane and,  air pollution in Paris had suddenly increased since Wednesday. According to Plume Labs, a monitoring company, Paris had the dirtiest air in the world on that day. Other cities in northern France that have had increased air pollution are also imposing different restrictions.

Paris has imposed this sort of restriction before, with the most recent imposition in March 2014. Back then, traffic decreased by around 18 percent and the measured pollution particles decreased by 6 percent.

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