Paul Ryan Removed From The “Big Money 20” List By End Citizens United

End Citizens United has grown from its establishment in 2015 into one of the largest and most important PACs in the U.S. in support of left-leaning candidates from the Democratic Party and independents. In the buildup to the Holiday Season of 2017, End Citizens United President Tiffany Muller announced a list of 20 prominent Republicans her PAC would be targeting as part of the campaign for the 2018 Midterm Elections; End Citizens United placed House Speaker Paul Ryan and former Presidential candidate Ted Cruz at the top of their list of targets for their willingness to accept funding from special interest groups in great amounts.

Since the announcement was made and End Citizens United has achieved major election success with victory in Alabama in the contentious election campaign featuring former Judge Roy Moore, a number of the “Big Money” have dropped out of the 2018 election race. The “Big Money 20” is now the “Big Money 15” as the challenge of facing left-leaning candidates who have pledged not to accept funding from special interest groups or major donors and instead operate their campaigns as grassroots-funded voter-led coalitions has led to five Republicans already dropping out of the race.


The decision by Paul Ryan to retire from politics comes at a time when Democrats backed by End Citizens United have been performing well in the polls and leading the change taking place in Congress. End Citizens United President Tiffany Muller explained Ryan has been one of the major reasons behind the rising influence of so-called “mega-donors” who continue to wish for their own interests to be placed above those of the constituents of their own state and the wider American public.

Upon naming Paul Ryan to the “Big Money 20” list, Tiffany Muller revealed the House Speaker had been part of the Congressional Leadership Fund Super PAC which has continued to develop with more than $8 million spent by this special interest group. President Tiffany Muller has spent the majority of her time looking to explain just why the people of the U.S. should be looking to create a better future by removing politicians such as Ryan who are more willing to accept the funding of the Koch Brothers than care for the needs of their constituents. Many believe, Paul Ryan has taken the decision to stand down from Congress in a bid to avoid the problems facing many candidates coming up against the might of End Citizens United.

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