Perry Mandera- Trucking Pioneer

Perry Mandera has set the precedent for the trucking community for over three decades. Before his help in this niche, Mandera completed high school in Chicago, Illinois in 1975 and very soon after enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves. Because he was assigned to work in the motor pool, Mandera learned to drive a truck during his time there. He received an Honorable Discharge when he returned to every day life in America. He started his own transportation business in 1980 at the age of 23, which was sold five years later (Chronicleweek).

The next year, Mandera started another business, The Custom Companies, Inc in Northlake, Illinois. The Custom Companies was the first trucking company to offer customers full service transportation services and was founded with the idea that one call will solve any and all customer problems. Medina wanted to offer his clients everything they would need. Today. this company serves thousands of customers and profits over $200 million annually. The Custom Companies also employs over 350 Americans. Mandera has even added warehousing services to the business, offering a wide variation of services.

Perry Mandera is quite active in his community in Illinois and has been very philanthropic. He has helped local and national charities including Special Olympics and an anti-hunger program in Chicago. He is also known for his charitable donations following Hurricane Katrina. He sent over 40 truckloads of supplies to those in need. Custom Cares has also provided support to young adults and children in the area who need the help. Mandera also keeps veterans close to his heart and works with Marines for Life and Hiring our Heros. Mandera enjoys coaching local sports and managing boxing competitors as well. He was also married in 1989 to his current wife with whom he shares two children. He still continues to be active in both his community and his church today.


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