Philanthropist and Selfless Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson was born in Washington DC to Jewish parents and was brought up in Chevy Chase, Maryland. He is a former student at the prestigious Washington University located at St Louis and then later graduated with a bachelor’s degree from American University Law School. Levenson had great interest in media and journalism, and it was during his stay at American University law school that he began a career in journalism with a local newspaper, the Washington Star. The American business person is a co-owner of Atlanta Hawks LLC (previously Atlanta Spirit LLC), a group of associates who operate and own the Philips Arena and Atlanta Hawks basketball team. He has actively served as a Hawks representative to NBA Board of Governors since 2004 when Atlanta Hawks LLC took over the management of the Hawks and Philips Arena.

In his career and practice of business, he started the United Communications Group (UCG) alongside Ed Peskowitz in a small rented room which was located just above his father’s liquor store premises. UGC dealt with the provision of information and advice in the oil industry through a newsletter called Oil Express. After years of being in the market, UCG acquired other leading newsletters and launched new products such as Oil Price Information Services. They got a breakthrough in the year 2003 and then went public. Later in 2004, Levenson formed a business group, Atlanta Spirit LLC (now Atlanta Hawks LLC) with the aim of acquiring Atlanta Hawks from Turner Broadcasting. The purchase included another team, the Atlanta Thrashers and Forbes billionaire Levenson with Peskowitz being the major co-owners of the professional and successful of NBA team Hawks and Thrashers. Levenson and associates sold Thrashers in 2011 Because Levenson wanted the best for the team he owned and managed, he hired a former NBA player with Cleveland Cavaliers, Danny Ferry, as the Hawks president as well as the general manager. Danny Ferry has a good record which includes serving as the vice president of operations of San Antonio Sours and then later as a Cavaliers general manager. Levenson also co-founded a publicly traded company Tech Target, which has interests in IT and media.

Being a Philanthropist, he has actively participated in various philanthropic organization around America. Some of these organizations are Hoop Dreams Foundation and Community Foundation of Washington DC. Previously, he served and supported a movement, I Have a Dream Foundation, as the president of the Washington chapter. After Levenson’s mother had survived a holocaust attack, he and his wife founded the United States Holocaust Museum and has continue to support the museum by funding, bringing a program called Lesson s Home program that aims at teaching inner city students about Holocaust and trains them to be tour guides around the museum. Being a Jewish, he continuously supports Jewish causes such as The Jewish Federation, Birthright Israel, BBYO and Jewish Youth Philanthropy Institute. Together with his wife again, Levenson pushed for the formation of a development center named Center of Philanthropy and Non-Profit Leadership in Maryland in 2010 and gave the initial funding to the institution.

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