QNet Moves Production To India To Save and Expand

Already known for the expansive growth, QNet is continuing to shift their manufacturing into India and stop production from all over the globe. By centralizing the 30 diverse brands that they offer, they will be able to promote more on enhancing the lives of their customers. The Hong Kong based company has always been known for encouraging people to live healthy, but making wise business decisions is also a part of their plan. By centralizing operations, they will be able to offer their customers terrific prices and lower their overhead at the same time.

QNet sells a great deal of products. They deal with skincare lines, as well as the health and wellness products. However, they also deal with more opulent items like Swiss watches and other various upscale jewelry items. With more than 100 diverse countries receiving their products, they are one of the largest marketing firms around. They have recently added customer bases to the coveted areas of Russia and also Europe.

Another line of their business is selling packages for vacation and learning courses. It has become quite difficult over the past few years to have so many different manufacturing facilities spread abroad. By centralizing their production, it will benefit the company and their customers’ immensely. India comes with its own challenges, but this enormous facility will not only allow them to create a united front for manufacturing, but it will also allow them to develop new products. Some products are currently being manufactured in this country, like their Nutriplus energy drink. This product was custom made for the Indian people and the production facility is in Himachal Pradesh. While made for this area, their goal is to eventually take this product world-wide and service all the people with their magnificent product list.

The company has been in business for 13 years. They have seen the rises and falls of the business industry. Moving everything to India is going to save the company about 12 percent on their overhead and employment costs. Any savings in today’s market is something worth considering. It’s been just three years since the company changed the focus of their market from luxury products to those that would benefit everyday life. Now, they are focused on life enhancement and things that increase the health and wellness of every person in the environment they live in.

Currently, not all of these products are available to Indian customers, but it is something the company is working towards. The Indian climate has changed dramatically and they feel that it would be a welcomed plus to have their facilities here. It may just be the boost needed to take this company to new and exciting levels.

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