QNET Raising the Bar for Online Marketing

QNET is based out of Hong Kong, but big changes are coming to this online marketing company in the way of their product line and where they manufacture products. The company is in the planning and development stages of moving their manufacturing operations from different locations around the world to India. The product line currently sold by the marketing giant ranges from nine categories with over thirty products. Things are definitely going to be changing in the near future however.

QNET currently sells products that are designed to improve the lifestyle of customers, ranging from skincare products to nutritional and wellness items. Originally selling in South Asia, QNET expanded sales in countries like Russia, Central Asia, West Africa, Europe, and North Africa. The manufacturing facilities are currently running in over a dozen different countries, but expanding and consolidating these manufacturing facilities in India appears to be good for a number of reasons.

Although there have been some initial troubles getting these manufacturing facilities approved in India, persistence and hard work preparing all the proper documents and licenses have poised the company to get moving their manufacturing facilities sooner than planned. Already producing watches in one India warehouse, the addition of the health drink NutriPlus has helped QNET expand operations to their new facility in Himachal Pradesh. Zaheer Merchant is the director of Corporate Affairs for QNET and says this is just the beginning of a great relationship with the Indian people.

Since launching sales in India 13 years ago, QNET representatives feel now is the time to shift their production to this area to keep up with demand. The cost benefits for the company’s bottom line will be big. The company has been focusing lately on producing and selling products in healthy niches rather than choosing products that fit a wide array of niches. Choosing niches that help improve the daily life of consumers and then filling those niches with helpful products has been one decision that is already helping the company to dominate a global marketplace.

QNET is also committed to making certain they comply with all the Indian rules and regulations as they begin to ramp up production of their manufacturing facilities in this country. This includes paying all of the relevant taxes, paying duties, and following each government regulation concerning this line of business. Zaheer Merchant goes on to say that QNET is being completely transparent with the Indian officials and is cooperating at every stage of the process.

The ultimate goal for QNET is develop a relationship with India on a solid foundation so they both can benefit long-term from this unique relationship. This is how QNET is poised to raising the bar and taking on a global audience.

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