Scott Rocklage Is Making An Impact With His Time and Donations

Attending MIT has helped Dr. Scott Rocklage become the man that he is today. By attending MIT, Scott Rocklage was awarded the chance to study beneath a man who won a Nobel Peace Prize. Because this was so important to him and he knew he would need to use this experience in life to become well established in his field.

Not only did Scott attend MIT and graduate under the Nobel Peace Prize winner, he went back in 2016 to be honored as someone who gave a large donation to help renovate a portion of the chem lab. While here with his wife as they were being honored, they were given a tour of the newly renovated lab department. While on the tour, the group entered into the vestibule where a plaque was hung to honor their donation to MIT. Read more:  Scott Rocklage | Bloomberg

What started out as a simple question about making a small donation went on to become something so much more, this is not where Scott Rocklage is known most at.

The thing that most people know about Scott Rocklage is that he is well known for his achievements with 5AM Ventures. Joining the team in 2003, Scott came in as a Ventures partner and quickly turned into a managing partner by 2004.

When asked in an interview about the one thing that he does to be a more successful entrepreneur, Scott Rocklage answers back quickly with regards to the fact that he is very well maintained in a schedule. Being able to manage your time appropriately and remaining well organized is what helps Scott Rocklage be successful in nearly everything he does.

When asked if there was anything that he would do differently if given the chance, Scott answers back with focusing more on the people end of the business. Being familiar with the team selection is one thing that he would like to focus more on, if given the chance to do over.

When it comes to something that he does repeatedly that he wants other people to know is, don’t allow risks to keep you from doing something. Taking risks is how some of the best ideas have come to light.

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