Securng A Winning Litagator in Orlando

Dealing with an extensive legal matter is well beyond the ability of an unexperienced person. Even with basic knowledge of the situation, and a grasp of the legalities the matter may entail, pursuing the matter can be overwhelming for someone not versed in court procedure.

In many cases, it is not a good idea to either try to take the law into your own hands, or obtain less than adequate legal counsel to argue on your behalf. This should especially be considered in the cases of extremely important matters. Even with so-called “slam-dunk” cases, where the facts are obviously in your favor, without knowledgeable, experienced lawyers on your side, you could still end up losing your argument.

The importance of securing competent legal counsel is essential for success in matters of litigation. The lawyer you choose should not only have experience in your matter, but be able to demonstrate through success his or her capability properly litigate the case that you want them to represent you on.

Dan Newlin, a Florida attorney, has been assisting his various clients in getting justice for two decades. His extensive knowledge in personal injury matters, and his track record of obtaining settlements for his clients is highly regarded and respected in Orlando.

Newlin has secured lucrative judgements for his clients in some very visible cases. He won a $24 million award on behalf of the estate of a police officer in Orlando who was shot and killed at an ATM by two armed robbers. After the conviction of the two assailants, they attempted to sell their story. Newlin argued to the court that the two should not be allowed to profit for their crime, and in the end Newlin won and secured a settlement for the estate.

In another case Newlin won an award for a teenage girl who sustained a substantial brain injury from an errant bullet shot from a street gang member’s handgun. The bullet left her paralyzed, rendering her unable to communicate except by blinking her eyes. Newlin argued on her behalf, and obtained a $100 million settlement for emotional distress as well as suffering.

Over the life of his career, Newlin and his practice has secured more $150 million in damages for his many plaintiffs. His practice is located in Orlando and Chicago. If you have a personal injury concern, you can contact his office and read more about his practice at

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