Sheldon Lavin, the success of OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is the current serving Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of OSI Group. OSI Group is an internationally renowned private company that focusses on the supply of processed food products. These products are then distributed to various companies in the retail and foodservice industry. The headquarters of the company are in Aurora, Illinois.

Sheldon Lavin has been actively involved in the meat supply industry for over 4 decades. He started working with OSI Group back in the 1970s as a business consultant. This was when OSI Group was in search of a financier to chip in funds to expand their meat processing capability to suit McDonald’s growing needs.

Sheldon has managed to grow the company’s food supplies footprint to 17 countries with more than 80 outlets and 20,000 members of staff. In 1975, Sheldon became an OSI Group partner expanding the company’s operations to Europe, South America, and Asia. He later came to purchase a commanding share of the business in the 1980s and took over the business operations. Before joining the food service sector, Sheldon worked in the financial sector.

Sheldon has a unique way of management, this has created a unique culture in the company whereby employees treat one another as family members. This has made the company have a minimum staff turnover rate. Most employees see no reason for leaving the company and end up working for many years.

Apart from managing a multi-national company, Sheldon Lavin is a philanthropist. He actively contributes to several charities. Some of his generous contributions include giving to the Jewish United Fund, the Inner-City Foundation of Chicago, Ronald McDonald House Charities, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago, the United Negra College Funs, as well as the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Ever since Sheldon took over as the CEO of OSI Group, the company has managed to appear in the limelight by winning various awards. One of their most prestigious awards is the 2016 Globe of Honor award, which was awarded to the company by the British Safety Council. OSI Group received this award for the efforts taken in creating employment around the world and cementing a place for themselves on the international platform. Sheldon has also received various awards for his outstanding performance in various services outside OSI Group which include, the President and Director of the Sheba Foundation, Trustee of the Ronald McDonald House of Charities, Board member of the Goodman Theatre as well as the Board Member of Rush University Medical Center.

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