Slyce is the Best Firm Providing Visual Recognition Technology

Slyce is the world’s leading visual search provider for brands and retailers. They allow the clients to identify a product on seeing it using audio and product recognition, barcode scanning, QR, NFC, and visual recognition technology. In addition, they apply the proprietary technology in visual research to enable easier communication between the company and the customer. All products are scanned before being put on display. When a client spots an item they are interested in, they can make orders either online or through the nearest retail stores. The customers get incentives when they share their product discoveries on social media like Facebook and Twitter and have their friends buy the items. This is a strategy that the company has put in place to target new customers and maximize returns from the old customers.

How to Make Purchases Using Visual Research Technology

Brands, publishers, and retailers make transactions at any time of their choice using the visual search technology of the slice company. Using the company’s mobile technology, customers can capture pictures of the products they want or see in real world, send it to the company order department, and a similar product is matched, and a purchase is made immediately. The visual technology systems of the firm identifies the type of product whose picture has been uploaded by the customer, its features, and analyze its image to determine whether, for instance it is a skirt, shirt , trouser , sweater etc. Once the correct features of the products have been identified, the price tag is revealed and the transaction is performed.

The History of the Company

Erika Racicot and Cameron Chell founded Slyce Inc., a publicly traded company on the TSX venture stock exchange, in 2012. The visual recognition technology was launched in 2013. The firm was initially located in Alberta; however, it was moved to Ontario. It has branch offices in Calgary including Nova Scotia, New Waterford, and Minneapolis. By late 2013, Slyce had raised approximately $7 million in financing. In mid-2014, the company announced its decision to go public via an amalgamation contract with the Oculus Enterprises.

It later acquired BuyCode, a company based on Tel Aviv. BuyCode is an app company that develops programs used on mobile phones. In addition, Slyce acquired Drivetrain organization, which is also another app developer. After developing the visual technology for the larger retailers, they use the knowledge on the website of their mobile applications and brands. Currently, the company collaborates with six of the top performing retailers in the United States. Slyce has developed numerous product recognition such as snap -to-Buy, also created based on the visual technology and incorporated into the websites of the retailers. Its products have revolutionized the way consumers interact with bonds.

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