Sony Rivals Google Glass With New Smart Eyeglass Line


Sony announced on yesterday the launch of its prototype smart glasses, Smart Eyeglass, which begins shipping in March. At the same time, Google discontinues their rival eyeglass device.

A New York Analyst with first hand insight says that the first version of these glasses marketed by Sony is specifically aimed at application developers, and can now be ordered in the US, UK and Germany for about $ 840.

The Smart Eyeglass can connect with compatible smartphones and will display information such as text, symbols and images.

Sony also distributes a software package to foster the development of specific applications for the device, in order to market it in 2016 for private clients and for professional use.

The launch was made almost a month after Google announced that stopped selling the prototype of its smart glasses, Google Glass, and the panel noted that they continue working to improve the device and launch it to a broader market.

Google ended the “Glass Explorer” program, which for two years has enabled thousands of people to test the interactive glasses and incorporate suggested changes.

Google decided to create an independent unit to work on further development of the device.

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