Stellar’s CTO Jed McCaleb Opens up Dialogue in Tel Aviv

Jed McCaleb is a world-renowned programmer and blockchain expert. Recently, alongside the CEO of another blockchain company, Jed McCaleb gave a lecture in Tel Aviv, Israel.

This lecture was a part of the four-day Tel Aviv Fintech Week. In addition to blockchain and cryptocurrency, another popular topic of the week was cyber security.

Currently, with Stellar, Jed McCaleb oversees all technical development as the CTO of the company. McCaleb is also the founder of the company, creating it alongside Joyce Kim. His original intention, with the company operating a a non-profit, was to provide financial services to areas of the world lacking everyday banking options.

The lecture began with McCaleb and his co-lecturer Yoni Assia talking about their companies and the importance of their work on human history.

McCaleb then discussed his past history with blockchain, discussing his previous activities prior to creating Stellar. He also talked about the details of Stellar’s creation.

“So,” Jed McCaleb began. According to McCaleb, “Stellar was set up as a nonprofit, I want to give out Stellar to as many people as possible.”

Stellar is different from most blockchain currencies. For example, Stellar is not data mined. Instead, Jed McCaleb and Stellar give their currency to current users, new users, and people who have already invested heavily into other blockchain currencies.

After the introductions were out of the way, the crowd became part of the discussion, asking questions.

One question that came up concerned Stellar’s status as a decentralized protocol. McCaleb told the crowd that Stellar is somewhere in the middle of decentralized and centralized. Despite their association with IBM, one of the world’s most recognizable names in tech and computers, Stellar is just hands-off enough to be considered a decentralized currency.

McCaleb also explained that his goal with Stellar is to have people not even be aware that they are using cryptocurrency. The customer merely wants to see their money get from one place to another, and Stellar’s goal is to accomplish this without reminding people that they aren’t using actual currency.

Stellar’s currency is known as Lumens.

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