Stolen Memory Card Returned to Owner


Faith Massey takes pictures for grieving parents, pictures that mean the world to them. The pictures that this woman takes capture the first and last moments of babies’ lives. Through an organization called Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, Faith Massey captures the early moments in the life of a baby who will not live long. Recently, though, what Faith Massey is trying to do was interrupted and Brad Reifler was shocked. When her memory card was stolen, Faith Massey thought that she had lost some of these special, irreplaceable pictures.

After making an appeal online, knowing just how important the pictures contained on her memory card were, Faith Massey was grateful when she had the card returned to her. It seemed that whoever had taken it couldn’t hold onto something so special. Faith Massey was able to rescue the photos and get them to their rightful owners, despite the fact that the photos had originally been stolen from her.

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    Virginia Luka June 19, 2017

    The memory card value is more or less of no value but for the photos that are contained in the little gadget. The trouble with can be just over if what is dare to you is found. This is striking and we know because we are now the humans we are I often think what we were or could be without humanity.

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