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Get Your Bone Density Index by Life Line Screening

Now, Life Line Screening is offering a cutting edge scan for bone density index in the United States. This well known preventative health provider is upping their already comprehensive preventative health testing options. As the population ages, the rates for osteoporosis continues to climb. Billions of Americans each year are injured during a fall or other impact. These people often are unaware that they had this bone disease that tends to progressively make bones more brittle over time. Life Line Screening paired with the premier Bone Index, Ltd, now is able to provide patients with their bone density index score with a convenient smaller medical device tool created for easier patient testing.

Life Line Screening can now determine if a patient has signs of early osteoporosis. This knowledge alerts patients to make lifestyle changes and consult with their family physicians. It is hoped that this new bone density screen will diagnose more at risk U.S. seniors at earlier stages of this disease. It is a dangerous situation when seniors fall and break bones in the process. This type of injury can limit an older person’s range of motion and ambulatory function with each breakage. Older individuals can become critically ill from being non-mobile for even a short time period.

Life Line Screening is dedicated to providing the best and most comprehensive preventative testing now available. This company stays abreast of new technologies like this Bone Index Ltd. device. Previous bone density scans required expensive hospital X-Ray equipment. With this newer bone density measurement option, Life Line Screening is leading the way to providing early diagnosis of osteoporosis and more knowledge of personal health status overall. This small medical device uses mathematical formulas to interpret the measurements obtained during this simple bone density index scan. Keeping people healthier and more active longer will lead to more Americans leading fulfilling, longer and happier lifestyles. The quality of someone’s life is certainly worth maintaining for as long as possible.

It is easy to schedule a customized Life Line Screening these days. This health prevention company holds many community wide events across the country. There is no painful, uncomfortable or long testing preparation requirements. This screen can pick up on a myriad of different health conditions. The screen can also pinpoint those most at risk for developing osteoporosis or other major medical ailments at some time during their lives. Find out more online.

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