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Alastair Borthwick’s Unique Take On Scotland

Alastair Borthwick’s takes on Scotland are some of the best things that you will ever see. He makes the Undiscovered Scotland series in Britain, and he has created a following around finding the untouched and unseen spots in one of the most lovely countries in the whole world. Alastair loves to travel, and he wants people to fall back in love with the places that he has found in this TV series. Look deeper at what Alastair has found as he has searched Scotland.

1. What Is Undiscovered Scotland?

Undiscovered Scotland is a series that Alastair makes, and he has been doing a lot of work to help people make sure that they can find fun places to go in Scotland. Scotland has all the most beautiful lakes, low mountains that you could climb yourself, and roads that are glorious to drive. When you are watching Alastair’s show, you will find that you want to go to some of these locations because you can plan your trip around them.

2. The Films Show The Beauty Of Scotland

The films show the beauty of Scotland, and they show all the locations that people might like to go to on their own. It is very interesting for people to come to Scotland having seen these things on TV because they can try to drive to those exact locations. Alastair wants people to see the main roads that go to the backroads, and he wants to dive deep not these backroads because that could reveal some villages that people will fall in love with. 

Plus, Alastair knows that he can give people a look at the people that he meets along the way. There are lovely dirt tracks that will go up little mountains that you can hike yourself. Plus, there are special pubs and taverns that people will want to visit so that they can stay the night after having a nice meal. Staying in places like this can be the most fun that people have had on a holiday, and they can make a whole itinerary from the locations Alastair visits.