NetPicks Trading Strategies is a firm that deals with equipping people with trade education ( It specializes in stock market trading, Forex trading, Future trading and options trading systems which have made it a Forex giant today. It was founded in 1996 with its main aim being to help investors become profitable traders. Its headquarters are in Irving, Texas. NetPicks has a workforce led by Mark Soberman, the president, and founder, that is highly experienced and keen to assist clients to achieve their trading goals. Mark Soberman is the chief executive officer of the company as well. He has vast knowledge in the finance sector which is beneficial to NetPicks.

NetPicks provides Forex and tons of other services. However, their monthly charges are higher than those of other firms, but the advantages are worth the extra pay. Its website offers a two-week free trial and access is restricted to its members only. Clients are supposed to open a live account with 5000 dollars with the PFG broker. NetPicks is praised for its quick responses to its customers and their splendid customer service.

NetPicks has given guidance to forex traders for 22 years. Forex trading also referred to as FX trading, is based on speculations since prices fluctuate. It offers people with chances to trade in a decentralized market. Trade is done through electronic over-the-counter financial exchanges in cities such as Paris, London, Sydney and New York. The market runs on a 24-hour clock since the markets are in several cities. Most people, however, prefer spot trading which involves making trades instantly but forward markets and future markets are also options. Charts and a live signal broadcasted by NetPicks help traders in FX trading, see

According to NetPicks, the liquidity of FX trading is one of the reasons that makes traders prefer currency pairs. Apart from its substantial liquidity one of the other feature that characterizes the FX market is the few choices that it provides for the traders. Since education offers traders with high probability to succeed, NetPicks advises traders to research the forex market and also start the trade with small sums of money ranging from one hundred dollars to five hundred dollars.

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