The Legacy of Tron

Science-fiction fans should rejoice. Tron 3 is headed into production and all those who were recently introduced to “the grid” in Tron: Legacy are going to really look forward to the new film.

Lone-time fans who remember the great science-fiction movie boom of the late 1970’s and early 1980’s may have given up hope on seeing any new Tron films years ago. These fans really should hang their head in shame. If the science-fiction genre teaches nothing else, the future always reflects optimism and rays of hope.

The original Tron was not exactly a super box office hit when first released stated . The film was just a little too weird for the average movie goer back in 1982. A $33 million take on a (then massive) $17 million budget was considered a disappointment for Disney. A series of sequels were never made.

Or rather, they weren’t made right away. The science-fiction boon slowed a bit after the release of Return of the Jedi and Tron simply had to contend itself with being a cult film a small number of fans remembered. The arrival of a reboot changed all of that.

Tron was way ahead of its time because the average person was not very familiar with computers in the early 1980’s. Today, the concepts presented in Tron do not seem weird or off the wall. As a result, the franchise can finally reach the audiences it always sought to capture.

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