The Marketing Growth of Qnet

In the business world, in order to grow and expand to new customers it is almost always all about marketing. Without proper marketing it often is not possible to find new customers as the new customers are not going to find out about the product itself. That is why Qnet combines a series of different methods in order to increase its business stronghold. With the help of its multi level marketing platform, it is able to not only pitch several different products throughout its sales region, but it is able to boost sales thanks to the large number of businesses and stores that carry the product. All of this has proven and should continue to prove extremely beneficial for the business.

First: What is Multi Level Marketing

MLM for short, multi level marketing is when a company is able to make profits off of a product every time it is sold. So, Qnet’s case, the company sells its products to a distributor. When the distributor sells the product to a retailer, the distributor keeps only a percentage of the money and the rest goes back to Qnet. Then, when the retailer sells the product to a consumer, the realtor keeps a percentage of the product, the distributor receives a small cut of the profits, and the rest goes back to Qnet. This can happen over and over for as often as necessary. I

The Products

Qnet sells a variety of products, all of which are designed to reach every major demographic. From kitchen utensils to weight loss objects, beauty supplies and several other items, it covers almost every demographic. This makes it valuable for stores to carry the products and it also helps open the company up to other potential customers who try one product and then see something else Qnet produces and sells.


Due to the large hold Qnet has with the variety of products (it requires the retailers and distributors to carry everything it sells, otherwise the retailer or distributor is not able to receive the products at all, which helps increase the exposure of Qnet and everything it makes) it is easy to market its products. The populations it focuses on usually is a very large city where millions of people can be reached without spending much money. By placing ads on billboards, newspapers and local print material, someone who uses a Qnet product is going to see it and they are going to learn about other products. All of this has proven to be extremely beneficial for Qnet and it has allowed it to increase its value as a company, which has also allowed the business to thrive and to improve upon the value of the items it sells.

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