The Philanthropic Face of Bruce Levenson


Since 1977, Levenson has been providing entrepreneurial business services to a wide variety of companies, through evolving data, information and technological advances. All the while, he has been investing his own time, and eventually money, into philanthropic ventures focused on improving the communities in which his corporations reside.

In the mid 1980’s, Levensons’ first company – United Communications Group “UCG” – was the first corporate sponsor for the “I Have a Dream” project, which offers low-income children the opportunity to gain college educations. UCG still maintains its strong corporate philosophy of giving back, and has created the UCG Community Helpers Program, which has assisted people affected by the 9/11 events and Hurricane Katrina, among others.

Levenson’s investment in higher education is also seen in his support of the SEED Foundation, which provides academic-rich, 24 hour-a-day support to inner city youth. The SEED Foundation has opened boarding schools in 5 states and the District of Columbia, each promising its’ students quality, academically-focused living and educational opportunities to which they would not normally have access.

Levensons’ commitment to education crosses international and political lines, as well, as is seen in his support of Seeds of Peace “SoP”. SoP convenes an annual camp in Maine, hosting international delegates who are youth 14-16 years of age. They are selected – and housed – specifically because their respective nations are seen as historic enemies. At Camp, the delegates participate in programs with the purpose of removing false barriers, and building bridges over centuries-wide hostilities.

Levenson and his wife, Karen, have been very involved with the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, in Washington DC. Mrs. Levenson’s mother is a survivor of the Holocaust, making Levenson’s experience of it uniquely personal to him and his family. Through his work with this remarkable organization, Levenson seeks to ensure the lessons of the Holocaust remain available to generations to come.

Bruce Levensons’ efforts to improve the world spring from the same well of creativity and entrepreneurialism as do his professional pursuits. This is yet another reason to look to Bruce Levenson for leadership as we move into this new century.

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