The Quest for Better Health-Care Services

Being notable by Mackie Research Capital analyst Russell Stanley, Nobilis Health has “a track record of high organic growth” and it is on a mission to provide top-quality health care services to many of its patients.

Residing mostly in Dallas, Nobilis Health is a publicly traded company that’s currently operating in 100 surgical centers worldwide. Along with offering reduced costs, and increased patient satisfaction, most of the company’s success is due to an integration of their integrated marketing services with management and operation services.

Board certified surgeons and specialized surgical centers optimizes health care since patients are provided with a variety of treatment options to choose from. These opportunities include spine and orthopedic surgery, general surgery and different types of in-depth procedures or scopes. With this in mind, it is in the best interests of the patients that they’re aware of what type of treatment they’re receiving and the advantages/disadvantages associated with the side-effects. Nobilis Health treats this issue as a priority by utilizing media (TV, radio, etc.) and online channels (web pages, social media, etc.) to promote awareness. Call centers also provides contact with consultants by connecting patients with several experts, to discuss the course of their journey to recovery by answering their questions and concerns.

To return to the subject of optimizing health care, management and operation services are used. Physicians, payors and patients play a major role in the overall performance of the company. Enhancing the quality of health care professionals and efficiency of operations can be accomplished by identification, attraction, and retention of information, in addition to practicing marketing initiatives. Financing, licensing and accreditation are all examples of management.

Recap of 2014

Compared to the corresponding period of 2013, Nobilis Health experienced an increase in total revenue, primarily due to the addition of more cases in the following year.
The amount in revenue is approximately $84 million, a 170% increase from the amount made last year ($31 million). From the beginning of the year until December 31, 2014, the number of cases grew from 3,254 to 8,740. The increased amount of reimbursements from surgeries led to an increase in revenues.

Future Endeavors

While aiming to educate patients about their course of treatment raises a major concern for Physicians associated with the company. They’re attempting to work collaboratively to create new methods of teaching. For instance, Dr. Darren Schuhmacher emphasizes the process of lead positioning and battery implantation involved in the Omega Procedure, developed from the Migraine Treatment Centers of America (MTCA).He discusses the information through webinars created by the MTCA and Nobilis Health. It is essential that patients are aware of the procedure since the intricacy of the procedure can lead to several complications to nerve signals. Ultimately, the privilege of allowing patients to make intelligent decisions towards their course of treatment is an asset to the health care providers.

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