The successful entrepreneurial journey of Sheldon Lavin

Academic qualifications

After successfully graduating from high school, Sheldon Lavin joined one of the major universities in Chicago. Lavin graduated with a degree in Finance and accounting. After his graduation, Lavin received several job offers from different companies which he selected the ones for which he wanted to work. His main interest was to become an entrepreneur as he never thought that he would remain an employee for the rest of his life. Mr. Lavin had a deep interest in having a company. At the university, Sheldon did not have an idea of the business in which he would want to venture. Things later turned to his favor as he found the right ventures to join.

The path to investing in meat processing

In 17970, Sheldon Lavin found a meat processing company in Illinois. The company was awarded a tender to supply meat and hamburger to McDonald’s, but it did not have sufficient funds to do so. The Otto and Sons Company struggled to raise the necessary funds, but their efforts were futile. In the same year, Lavin became a partner as he financed the operations of the company. After a few years of working together, the partners agreed to take their relationship to the next level when Sheldon decided to but the entire enterprise. The company only operated within Illinois by the time Sheldon decided to purchase it. After an agreement had been reached, Lavin became the rightful owner of the company.

The expansion of the operations

After its purchase, Sheldon Lavin renamed the company from Otto and Sons to OSI GROUP where he had the plans to expand its operations throughout the world. The expansion process was not easy since there were several changes that had to be made. The management had to be reformed, and a new culture for the company had to be drafted. After three decades of operation, OSI GROUP is currently ranked at number 58 in the most influential companies in the world. Through the leadership of Sheldon Lavin, the number of employees had increased from about 500 when he purchased the company, to a current population of more than 20000 people. The OSI GROUP Company is considered one of the most successful in the United States and the world as a whole. The managerial skills proved by the CEO and the President, Sheldon Lavin has born positive fruits in the growth of its operations. There are more plans to increase the operations and explore more markets throughout the world.

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