Top Makeup Brands Today

There are so many makeup brands in the world today. It can be tough at times to know exactly what works and what companies are best to buy from. There are only a few that provide top of the line cosmetics. Maybelline is a reliable brand along with countless others, but for most women, it’s all about discovering the latest brand before everybody else does. This is what makes new perfumes and other products so famous. It’s all about finding something before everybody else does. The company that has taken the makeup world by storm is Lime Crime on by Doe Deere.

What Is Lime Crime?

Lime Crime is an environmentally friendly cosmetics brand that provides top of the line unique makeup. Their goals of giving top notch color, stunning visuals, and makeup for every part of ghoul you are is what makes this brand one of the best in the world today. Lime Crime supersedes most cosmetics in the world today because of how they approach different makeup styles and color schemes.

How Did They Start?

They started just a few years ago with just a couple hundred bucks in hand. Doe Deere barely had any money in her bank, and she eventually made wise choices for her business and invested in Lime Crime. She built the brand all on her own and with just a bit of help along the way. Lime Crime now operates successfully in Los Angeles, and the brand has multiple stores and even locations in other countries selling their authentic makeup.

They Are An Entirely Independent Company

They are still entirely independent. They do not have some huge CEO finding upon which makeup to produce and what to offer. They do not spend all of their time trying to see if their President approves of their makeup. Doe Deere herself is very hands on with the company, and she works hard to this day to help bring the company to the next level.

Tips On Buying Lime Crime

My best piece of advice is to be wise because Lime Crime has some very intensely designed and beautifully crafted makeup. It’s easy to splurge on the brand and just buy every thing in sight the way I used to. I usually just try to find one or two things for different parts of my face and only buy those items. Another tip is to really try the makeup in and see if the color suits you. Doe wanted to help women express themselves through makeup and not just cover up those blemishes. She’s all about inner beauty and finding your inner soul with your makeup, and so she goes with a wide range of eccentric colors. This is what’s awaking them so different and unique in the eyes of their customers.

Lime Crime is becoming one of the top makeup brands today. They are growing their fan base with more teenagers jumping onto the brand because of their beautiful colors and options for every part of the makeup process.

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