Unraveling the Truth about George Soros after Glenn Beck’s Unwarranted Smear Campaign

George Soros is a hedge fund investor and billionaire who has funded several liberal and anti-totalitarian causes around the globe. In a recent Fox News program by Glenn Beck, George Soros is wrongly depicted as an anti-Semitic individual. However, this news coverage of Soros was taken completely out of context in a bid to discredit the Philanthropic Billionaire.

How Soros Survived the Nazi Occupation

George Soros Nazi was born in Budapest, Hungary in the year 1930. When he turned 14 years old, his home country (Hungary) was overrun by the German occupation that targeted Jews and imposed Adolf Hitler’s totalitarian governance. At this young age, Soros faced great danger since he was a Jew and had to survive the occupation as best as he could.

Soros was able to survive because his father managed to secure fake identification documents for the whole family. During the occupation, Soros had to use charm and luck to survive capture and torture. The 14 year old Soros acted as a messenger for the Jewish Council of Budapest. He passed messages for the elderly council members who were too old and frail to fight back. They were reduced to reassuring their fellow Jews that everything was going to be alright.

Soros was given the role of alerting fellow Jews to surrender themselves at designated collection points. However, the young teenager instead acted in defiance. He has reiterated that it was his father who influenced him to resist the occupation as best and canny as he could.

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George Soros – Business Leader, Philanthropist

Emigration to England

Soros was able to escape Hungary and travel through Europe before eventually landing in England. His main aim of choosing England as his destination was to study at the famous London School of Economics. It was at the school that he discovered that he had a knack for the financial markets. He was able to secure a scholarship and finish his course.

In 1956, he secured a job on Wall Street. While in the U.S. he was joined by his parents who had been exiled from Hungary after the Soviet Union defeated the Hungarian Revolution. By then, Soros had become a guru in the financial markets and had started amassing riches for himself. He eventually made billions from the world of currency and stock speculation.

Today, the American-Hungarian national is ranked number 35 by Forbes Magazine’s list of richest individuals globally. In addition, he is quite passionate about philanthropy and charity work. To date, he has given out a huge chunk of his fortune to various global initiatives. He opened the first Open Society Foundations office in Budapest in 1984. To date, the Open Society machinery has been his main philanthropy focus.

Soros has supported a number of civil-society movements against the former Soviet Union and many other pro-democracy movements around the world. He was also instrumental in ensuring the end of European Communism. In America, Soros spent millions in support of the presidential campaigns of Barack Obama and John Kerry. He has also funded liberal advocacy groups and policy institutes.

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