Users Are Scouting Out the Globe With Skout

A relatively new social media app known as “Skout” now has over 100 million users worldwide. Skout primarily utilizes cell phones as the medium of communication and it was begun as an iOS-based app. Now, however, it can also be used on Android phones and works well with Windows. Over 500 million “people connections” occurred in 2013 via Skout, so it is a large and growing app.

Skout uses a global positioning system (GPS) that allows users to search for all other users online within a given geographical radius. The precise location of the person is not revealed, however, and one can opt to turn the GPS off. Many use Skout to find and meet up with friends in the general neighborhood.

Since one can chat with people all over the globe using Skout, it is also a great tool for meeting people in far-off lands. One could chat with some locals before going on a trip to a foreign nation or just ask people who grew up in totally different cultures what it is like to live where they do. The possibilities are endless.

The main screen is simply a grid showing a different pic in each tile. One just clicks on a photo to bring up the profile where basic information on that user is located.

Skout has features similar to that of Facebook. You can like pics, leave comments, view comments left by others, send “virtual gifts,” etc. Also like Facebook, Skout is free to join. You can download it today from the App Store.

Other features include: wink, add to favorites list, group chat with “Fuse,” get updates from nearby users, set location and other preferences, and use “Ghost Chat” mode. The “Shake and Chat” feature allows you to randomly connect with a chat mate from anywhere on the planet simply by shaking your phone.

Skout is a new app that allows people to meet new friends to chat with, meet up with at parties or elsewhere, or to go on dates with. It is one of the fastest-growing dating and people-meeting apps in existence today.  Don’t forget Fuse either though, which works directly with Skout for a new chat experience.

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    Matt Farrar December 10, 2016

    A constant stream of photos and profiles is always there to check out. One does not have to upload a pic to join, but the chances of getting others to interact increases when they can see a picture of who they are dealing with. It will go a long way into helping rush my essay to do what they are supposed to do and to do nice and slow.

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