Wengie on Cute vs. Sexy

For a cute look, go with a light and natural look and foundation. Wengie went with a cushion foundation that provided a light and natural finish. She said that for brows, think of straight brows with soft lines. Square in the front, and fill in the arches as necessary. Make them soft and subtle, fully angles. She mentioned that she had bleached her brows and has a video tutorial on how to bleach brows, so you must comb down the brows. Begin filling in the brows by drAwing the top and bottom, then filling them in. Start the eye shadow application by applying a shade slightly lighter than your skin tone from lids to brows. Dust a transition tone with a crease brush to the outside of creases to about the middle. Then blend the color down to the crease. Pack on a light pink eyeshadow all over lids and blend it in with a blending brush. Then curl the lashes. Flip the curler as you pump the lashes to create s nice open curl. Use a pen liner to fill in the gaps along the eyelashes to to really define them. This technique extends the eyes naturally and makes them look open without making it look like there is no eye liner applied. On the lower lids, place the transition color on the back half. Use the slightly lighter than skintone shade on the lower lashline to brighten up the eye. Then place a light pearl color on the inside of the eye toopen them up. Finally, put mascara on the upper lashes, focussing on the middle eye. Light false lashes may be sparingly applied.
For a sexy look, apply liquid matte foundation with a brush to create a clean canvas for smoky eyes. Use concealer slightly lighter than the skin tone as a concealer and hilighter. Apply underneat the eyes, forehead, nose bridge, cupid’s brow, and chin. This adds more dimension to the face. Use a smoky eye pen to the outer half of the lids. Blend out and smooth the edges. Then draw a winged line with an eyeliner, and blend into the eye shadow. On the lower lids, apply transition shade to lower corner. Curl the lashes, put on false lashes and mascara on both upper and lower lashes. This look is now finished; simple, sexy, and smokey.


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