Wengie Proves That There’s No Such Thing as Too Many Skincare Products

The girl with the perfect skin, Wengie, is at it again with her killer skincare routines, but this one is seemingly different from the other ones; it’s organic! While Wengie has never been one for heavy chemicals and potentially dangerous products, this routine was strictly focused on natural, cost-effective products that will leave your skin healthy, moisturized and, quite frankly, gorgeous. Of all lists, though, there are some top products, and while many were mentioned in this informational video, the ones the blogger loves the most include:

Bioderma Makeup Remover:Though she uses a cleansing pad in the morning and before she showers, the beauty raved about this liquid and its convenient up-pump dispenser. The heavy duty fluid removes waterproof eye makeup easily and, despite the bottle’s large size, Wengie made a huge dent in it so far.

J.S. Nourishing Cleanser:Just in case her skin is in need of a pick-me-up, Wengie uses this product. During winter months when her skin is especially dry, this becomes a staple in her routines.

Gemstone Massage Tool by Perhaps Unicorn:Her specially crafted face massaging tool is her absolute favorite– she uses it up to three times per week.

Cure Exfoliator:Yet another industrial-sized product carried by the beauty guru is this exfoliating liquid. All you need to do is rub it on your skin, let it sit, and peel it off. What goes with it? Your dead skin, of course!

Herbfarmacy Rose and Echinacea Toner:Of the many toners in her routine, this is her favorite. Loving the refreshing smell of roses exuded by this product, the organic spray leaves skin feeling brand new and unscathed.

Etude House Sun Spray:After all, you can never be too protected from the sun, so Wengie incorporates plenty of products into her skin routine if she caught some extra rays that day. This organic spray smells wonderful, serves its protective purpose, and leaves skin better than before.


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