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Matt Badiali was teaching geology at the University of North Carolina when he got a call to be the geology expert for a financial genius’s investment team. He agreed to the job and has since traveled to Singapore, Mexico, and Iraq, to name a few of the places he has been, examining mines, fields, and oil rigs to confirm investment information in person. Over a dozen years of experience make him an expert at understanding the supply and demand cycle of metals, oil, natural gas, and other resources. In 2017, he started working at Banyan Hill Publishing as their natural resources expert. Read more at PRNewswire about Matt Badiali. There he recommends companies that he predicts will benefit from a coming supply shortage of a mineral and recommends when to sell companies he projects are about to lose stock value when supply reaches and exceeds demand. Since no one can predict the future, Matt Badiali has lost investors their money occasionally, but the dollars his advice has made his followers is impressive enough to keep him as a leader in natural resource investing. Visit stockgumshoe.com to know more.

What Are His Recommendations?

Matt Badiali is causing a stir recently over what he calls Freedom Checks. His sales page lists people who get paid thousands of dollars every quarter or every month. That page talks about a program started around 50 years ago called Satute 26-F. That program states that a company dealing with natural resources in the United States can operate tax free if it puts a lot of its profits into its shareholder’s pockets. These companies are called Master Limited Partnerships(MLP) and are not technically stocks. They are traded through the stock market and can be bought or sold like stocks though. The dollars Matt Badiali uses in his examples are impressive, but they are only possible if the shareholders have millions of dollars invested in the companies. Each share is only worth a few cents in dividend payouts. As an example, to get $100 in a check from a company he names, a person would have nearly $6000 already invested. Although possible for most people to invest a few thousand dollars, the examples he gives are of people with millions invested, or who bought their shares years ago for pennies. Matt Badiali does state that his recommendations are highly speculative and risky, but his history minimizes a lot of the risks.

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