Who is Jack Plotkin

Looking to make a significant transition into the telehealth community, Jack Plotkin is at the source of the innovation of merging technology and the healthcare industry. With over 20 years in the industry, Jack Plotkin has served as a CEO or a number of industries that have led to his current roles in the healthcare industry. His education includes two degrees from Harvard University, where he specialized in both economics and computer technology. This skill set would go on to give him an advantage in the digital age, where even personal industries such as healthcare were seeing advantages with technology.

Jack Plotkin

After taking an interest in art and architecture while at Harvard University, Plotkin graduated and entered the workforce working with Fortune 500 companies. After several years in this business and climbing the ranks to CEO, Plotkin decided to pursue his personal entrepreneurial interests that included computer technology that specialized in digital business and advising other companies looking to transition into a more digital capacity. This eventually led Plotkin to partner in VirtualHealth. With VirtualHaelth, Plotkin has been the overseer of the revolution seen in the healthcare industry. Everything from patient databases to patient portals is utilized as a secure way for a physician to interact with their patients. Integrating data and storing it successfully so that patients are able to obtain the most appropriate healthcare has been revolutionary in facilities where patients are in the hundreds. This technology is adaptable to the different facilities using it and can be customized to fit their needs for treatment and communication. With this type of accuracy and communication presently, the continued innovation from Jack Plotkin and his team is endless.

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