Why Investors Are Watching QNET and SHARP

QNET is a multi-level marketing agency who is in the business of direct sales. Their direct and online selling approach concerns health and wellness products, which have an in-built market. People will always need to be healthy, and they will always want to feel well; QNET has provided for both exigencies nearly twenty years. An industry leader in direct-sales marketing since 1998, QNET specifically focuses on the kind of products which encourage healthy development. They’ve continued to expand from their starting point in Hong Kong, and can now claim a variety of selling options (complete with some franchised options) in countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, and others. Additionally, the regions to which QNET caters represent some of the most populated areas of the world, which is indicative of growing development. To top it off, as of May 27th, QNET and technology leader SHARP of Japan have entered into a partnership of the strategic variety. The partnership involves cobranding of a new innovation from SHARP, the Plasma Cluster Air Purifier. Sure to be a hit in Hong Kong, where smog is at an all time high and shows no sign of abeyance in the near future, QNET’s extended international reach ensures this air purifier will also be in demand internationally. Since the partnership was entered into so recently, the change in QNET and SHARP stock will have begun. Labeled by QNET’s Indian branch as one of the “largest”, as well as one of the “fastest growing”, organizations of its kind in the world, current projections for the group are positive.

Reasons like these definitely have people who work in financial climes keeping an eye on QNET and SHARP. Continuing success and expansion are integral to sustainable sales. Furthermore, a market which includes multiple countries has greater security, as territorial losses don’t implode the entire organization. Should, for example, Iran’s controversy spiral out of control, QNET yet has multiple countries from which to maintain its forward momentum. And so the strategy behind SHARP’s partnership in co-branding their Plasma Cluster Air Purifier reveals itself to be well-considered. I think many investors would agree, and that is yet another positive in QNET’s current upward spiral with SHARP. Hopefully that increasing trend will continue to affect the Asian market positively, through products designed to engender good health and wellbeing. The breath of life sustains much better, when that inhaled is clean.

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