Will Sergey Petrossov Take the Skies By Storm?

America is a country that attracts and incubates talented people similar to the great Elon Musk. However, who will be the next leader and innovative persona with great ideas? Sergey Petrossov is a founder, entrepreneur, businessman, and Chief Executive Officer of JetSmarter. He is also the co-founder of a distance-education software program for Russian speaking individuals. Petrossov is a graduate of the University of Florida who co-created this software while in school. In high school, Petrossov opened an import business that sold rims for vehicles. This was the first of his successful business projects. In 2009 shortly after graduation, he began to find funding for his idea to start JetSmarter.

JetSmarter is an app similar to Uber except it is for private flights. He came up with the concept after a bad experience of booking a private jet. As Sergey explains that his platform is about more efficient travel, not exclusivity. Around the age of 21, Petrossov launched the beta version of the JetSmarter app in 2012 and later the full version in 2013. JetSmarter is now backed by Saudi Arabian royalty and superstar rap mogul Jay-Z.

Sergey Petrossov began his life in this country as a young child who immigrated to the United States from Russia with his family. His strong work ethic and skillful adaptation for marketing technology are instrumental to his success. He also has the uncanny ability to quickly recognize how to improve on existing technology systems. Before Petrossov began the JetSmarter app he gained his experience in the aviation service market as a board advisor for a company that operates a large fleet of charter jets. Next, he gathered top professionals from NASA, Uber, BMW, Nokia, and other major organizations to begin working on his app.

In 2016 Sergey Petrossov was listed in Forbes Magazine “30 Under 30” for his success in business. Petrossov has set a standard for travel early in the game and I am interested in seeing his next project.

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