Windows New Face, Fingerprint, Eye Authentication

Microsoft introduced their biometric authentication system, “Hello,” that provides instant access to devices running Windows 10 .

Passwords are not the only way to enter a computer with Windows 10 and Windows Hello will allow you to use your face, fingerprint or iris to access your device.

The new authentication system can also be used to authenticate apps, enterprise content and some experiences online without having to enter your password.

Windows “Hello” will be integrated directly into Windows 10, so various device manufacturers will not have to worry much about development, but rather only to integrate the appropriate hardware to run facial recognition, iris and fingerprints.

Hello Microsoft confirmed that Windows is compatible with devices that already include a fingerprint reader and will be upgraded to Windows 10.

As for security, Microsoft says that Windows Hello uses a “combination of software and special hardware” that verifies authentication.

Paul Mathieson ( is glad to know that Hello Windows will also use enterprise-level encryption that meet the requirements of organizations. These security levels prevent another person enters your device or app if, for example, it uses a picture of you to access your computer.

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