Steve Lesnard shares his insights on global brand consultancy

Today, Steve Lesnard is one of the top brand consultants globally having worked with numerous brands throughout his career. He is known across the business world for having facilitated some high-profile global brand campaigns and the building of cross-sectorial powerful strategic partnerships involving sports, technology, and lifestyle. In addition to this, he has helped launch some iconic products for some of the world’s largest brands primarily in the sports sector. IdeaMensch, a popular crowdsourced interview platform just interviewed Steve on the broader subject of global brand consultancy. In this interview, he shared eye-opening insights on global brand consultancy.

Finding success in the sector

As an opener, Steve Lesnard stated that he developed an interest in the broader global brand and consumer marketing sector at a young age. This interest was as a result of him traveling a lot as a student. This gave him a chance to experience different cultures and way of life in different countries. It was at this time that he decided to pursue an international career which later would be global brand consultancy. Steve went ahead to state that he believes that always being mentally prepared to tackle his day every morning has played a huge role in his career success. This mental preparedness meant that he could be more productive every day. On the other hand, this global brand consultant mentioned that teamwork has also been crucial to him. This is in brainstorming to come up with the best marketing ideas and also implementing the ideas.

Prioritizing the consumer

In this interview with IdeaMensch, Steve Lesnard pointed out that prioritizing the consumer is a significant factor in the success of not only the brand but also the brand consultant. He went ahead to admit that earlier in his career he made the mistake of not taking consumer feedback seriously. This was a mistake that he paid for dearly as it greatly affected the performance of the particular brand. Steve advised the young professionals in the sector to always take into account consumer feedback as they perform their duties to the brands they are working with as it might be the difference between success and failure.

The best way to Press Release Can Assist Produce leads in 4 Ways

If individuals comprehend more concerning your company as well as products, there is a greater chance of creating leads.

Just how can releases create brand name understanding? Brand understanding is putting your brand in front of a lot of men and women.

Figure the 4 means heading the discharge will aid develop leads:

1. Assign a touchdown web page.
A touchdown page is a websites on your website which lets you record site visitor information.

The perfect landing page was developed for some traffic. It could come from your launch, white paper or email advertisements. Given that it appeared of a lead capture type, there is a higher possibility that the website visitors will convert to prospects.

After a site visitor clicks your call-to-action (CTA), after that they require to be led to a touchdown page to complete the offer.

By way of circumstances, you have actually composed a launch concerning your most recent Microsoft Windows app. There’s a CTA that welcomes the visitors to sign up for a 10-day test.

After the audience clicked to the CTA they are required to a landing page where they could end up the test. A form is that there in which they could fill up the signing up procedure.

This is a great circumstances of launch making use of a well-designed touchdown page which might transform crowds into potential customers. Besides an excellent CTA, your write-ups ought to be optimized.

2. Have a clear CTA.

When you compose a launch, you wish to ensure you include a powerful CTA. Or else, the goal of your effort will not be achieved.

If people review the launch, you would like to route them about what to do. Your CTA should generate them to take the upcoming action.

You consist of a link which sends out to a page to an internet site where they may have a 10-day trial of your products. But without telling them to click the link, they are not most likely to get it done.

Having CTA aids in creating potential customers.

Here are tips on just how you can Earn a clear CTA on your media release:
Develop a sense of urgency.
Besides requiring the audience to a specific activity, you need them to perform it today. Usage powerful words which signify necessity, like today, restricted time and currently.

Talk straight to this target market.

Usage energetic voice which discloses control. Inform the viewer what to do with straight speaking with them.

Have one, clear CTA.

Do not attempt to provide more than 1 CTA. Clients are mosting likely to be extra confused.


Subscribe to Microsoft Windows upgrades

Sight extra details about Microsoft Windows upgrades

3. The use of the perfect keywords and expressions.

When individuals look for search phrases or expressions, then they might uncover your web content. When more people locate your launch, more individuals will certainly most likely to your website which elevates your conversions.

4. Writing excellent high release.

When you compose quality news releases, then you have a more substantial chance for networking insurance coverage. Attention enhances your reliability as a local business.

In instance you’ve obtained a superb standing, you might draw even more people. Making up a launch that reveals you as a magnate is one method you construct credibility and also understanding.

Because of this, they’ll purchase from you as opposed to from the competition.

By using these four approaches, your press release distribution is guaranteed to generate prospects. How can you guarantee that your statement can raise your conversion?

The Means to Obtain The Media’s Attention With Your News Release

Getting publicity is something for entrepreneurs. Since having the media conversation, write and say you supplies yields that many marketing efforts can’t supply.

One approach to capture the media’s focus would be to pitch a media release. There have been numerous posts that discuss what a media release is, the way to write a media release, and also just how to pitch to the media. However, do entrepreneurs know how to drive the press to write about these?

If you aren’t getting enough coverage or promotion because your media releases are usually turned down, then there might be mistakes which you are even aware you are making. Check down Ways to get publicity through your own stories:

Provide something newsworthy.

Journalists are always on the search for new and pertinent news. Is the new writing about something intriguing that will encourage them to write about you?

Check if you’re writing a narrative that justifies a media release.

Always ask yourself, why do they care? If you can not answer it on your own, edit your narrative. Consistently write something together with the audience in your mind. Highlight the advantages of the readers; it is about your company grand opening.

Boost your content.

Before crafting your articles, be sure you understand how to use relevant keywords and phrases which will probably help you look from the Google search positions. Keywords should be distributed from the headline and the body of this report.

Follow the syntax and format.

One reason reporters turn down a pitch is later viewing a great deal of grammatical, punctuation and spelling mistakes. One more thing isn’t after the ideal format when composing a media release.

Keep it easy, straight-to-the-point because ideally, it needs to be just 500 words.

Just present the details and encourage it with stats, charts, photographs, and clips. Remember to compose the media contact for the reason that it provides them the opportunity to request additional information or confirmation as soon as they feel that your story is a fantastic match for them.

Create an attention-grabbing headline.

The headline is equally as crucial as the entire body of this report. Some look-up media releases aren’t provided an opportunity to find publicity simply because the headline isn’t excellent.

It takes training to find out crafting a fantastic headline. If you are in the media release, be certain that you spend some time studying how to lure the audience just by taking a look at the headline.

The headline ought to be intriguing enough to create the reporters wish to read the remainder of the narrative. Prevent jargons and adjectives which are inappropriate. Headlines need to be a straight-to-the stage and provides an idea of what the story is about.

Build relationships.

In case you’ve followed the above steps and still not receive publicity, you must assess your connection with the media. You could be pitching them, but you aren’t aware they are not writing about your specialty.

These situations just proved you don’t research them before pitching.

Building a connection isn’t done just because you require policy. It ought to begin back; you do not need anything out of them. Show them that you are interested in their job by just following these on the societal websites.

Socialize together through enjoys stocks and commenting on their sites or articles. If you’re pitching them now, enjoying and commenting on their articles each day before won’t help. Spend some time in building connection together.

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The Local and Global Influence of OSI Group

The food industry is a place where individuals hold their local dishes close to their heart. They wish to see more people enjoy their local dish, and boast the prestige of the origin point. In the modern age, there are countless food distribution companies running the global food supply. OSI Group is one of the newest companies to join the ranks for the northern hemisphere. The current management understand that dominance comes with expansion. In a recent Gazette Day article, they discusses the humble origins and modern approach OSI Group takes to food distribution

OSI Group might be a global corporation in the present day, but over a century ago they were just getting starting. The economic outlook of the early 20th century was positive. It opened the opportunity for a German immigrant by the name of Otto Kolschowsky to open his own business. Thus, in the suburbs of Chicago, a new butcher shop was open for business. A decade of success soon passed, and the business was passed to his sons. The business, now named Otto & Sons, grew in size through the middle of the 20th century. There are several global events, but the shop held strong even during the roughest of times. To know more about the company click here.

By the 1950s, the economy was once again stable and growing once more. Ray Kroc approached the company with the opportunity of a lifetime. He was on the verge of revolutionizing American pop culture with his fast food chain McDonald’s, and he needed a meet supplier. This forged a partnership that gave rise to the modern day OSI Group. The later 20th century and early 21st century has been a period of rapid of growth for the company. First, new technology greatly changed how food would be stored, in addition to the ability to ship food across longer distances. This has been to good use with the recent series of acquisition deals across Europe.

OSI Group is a company that demonstrates how the American Dream is obtainable for anyone. An immigrant inspired the business that would take over the global food supply over a century.

Rebel Wilson: She’s The Real Deal

Rebel Wilson is someone that is really hitting her stride as an actress in 2019. She is someone that is taking her craft seriously while having a whole lot of fun in the process. At the end of the day, that is what acting is all about: having fun and enjoying the little moments along the way.

Rebel Wilson recently had a birthday on March 2nd and turned 39. In typical Rebel Wilson fashion, it was not just any old birthday. It was a special birthday shared with the people that mean the most to her. She posted about it on her Instagram page as she took part in a catzercise exercise in preparing for her role in the movie, Cats, which also comes out this year.

Another movie of hers that came out in 2019 was Isn’t It Romantic, where she starred alongside Hollywood heartthrob, Liam Hemsworth. For those that are familiar with her work in Pitch Perfect, she also got to work with Adam Devine again. Read more: Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair and Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour

It was a fun movie that made audiences laugh and also put a smile on the faces of critics across the world. Rebel Wilson has a way of doing that to people. When she walks into a room, people notice her and pay attention. She is not a wallflower that is for sure.

It is something that has served her well in her career. As a matter of fact, when she came to the states in 2011, she was in Bridesmaids, which made a lot of money and also did very well with critics. One thing is for certain: Rebel Wilson knows how to pick the perfect roles for her and her many fans. She does not disappoint them with her movies.

The fact she was able to star in the film Isn’t It Romantic as the lead, it shows her star is on the rise in Hollywood. More and more people are noticing her unique and one of a kind style of comedy.

Going back to her birthday, she also took a cake-making class at Milk Bar. She had catzercise and she also had cake! That is the perfect birthday. She also has some great roles coming up in the future as well, which have a lot of people excited such as The Hustle and Jojo Rabbit.

Many people are excited to also see her in the remake of Private Benjamin. They are interested to see what she will bring to the table as this was a wildly popular and very funny film starring Goldie Hawn back in 1980.

With Rebel Wilson being in the film, people are very confident it will add some new spice and flavor to the movie in a way that only she can with her comedic abilities.

At this point, anything is possible with Rebel Wilson. She is not afraid to take on any role, no matter how big or how small. She embraces the challenge and enjoys showing the world her many gifts as an actress.

Click on the links below to learn more about Rebel Wilson:

ClassDojo is transforming the classroom community

Since the turn of the millennium, technology has been an instrumental tool of transformation. It has transformed numerous sectors and multiple industries. ClassDojo is one ideal example of the application of technology transforming the education sector. It is a classroom communication platform that enhances the communication between teachers and parents while allowing students to share information on events happening in school. It has enabled the building of strong relationships between teachers and parents and supportive classroom communities.

ClassDojo has been implemented in numerous schools across the United States and has been proven as an effective medium of communication between the various stakeholders in the school. Thus, the developers of this platform have set a goal to make sure every kid in school in any part of the world benefits from the fantastic features of this platform. As a result, the developers have held multiple fund drives to raise capital which will facilitate them to achieve their goals. 

In the series C of the funding, ClassDojo raised $65 million. These funds will be used to help the company achieve its long-term goals of enhancing the accessibility to the app by school kids of all walks of life. Additionally, the company is developing an app, Beyond Classroom, which is an optional subscription for parents who want to get details on the learning experiences their children undergo besides the curricular activities. The revenue collected will also facilitate in the improvement of ClassDojo which is free to access for teachers, students, and parents. 

Follow ClassDojo on Instagram –

Since its inception in 2011, ClassDojo has dramatically gained popularity among the teachers and parents alike. In the US, one in six families with a kid in the elementary school uses the platform daily. Besides, two in three schools across the US uses this app daily. Liam, the CTO ClassDojo, has over the years emphasized on the company’s commitment to offering quality services through this communication platform as well as making it the most effective and popular application in the education sector on a global scale. The company aims to create a positive culture within classrooms and schools while enhancing students’ connection and empowerment.

Depression Treatment at Neurocore with the Aid of Neurofeedback

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers is an entity that has specialized in providing information, brain-based reviews and training programs that assist people in managing stress and improving concentration and sleep. It was started in 2004. It rapidly became a national authority in applying neuroscience with brain performance centers in Florid and Michigan. The centers have up to 200 employees specialized in different disciplines. The center also provides Heart Rate Variability Training, Autonomic Nervous System Diagnostics and Regulation, Neurofeedback, EEG Biofeedback, and attention testing. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

The centers use state of the art protocols to assist people in optimizing their brains including children who are five years and above to optimize their minds to lead a healthier, happier life and perform at their best. Neurocore also provides reward-based training that helps the brain learn better practices and form stronger neural pathways. This assists the brain to eliminate unwanted symptoms and prevent cognitive decline naturally without the help of any medicine.

Recent studies have given humankind an option to treat and manage stress and depression. Neuroscience is one of the treatments used. Neurofeedback can be used to treat anxiety, depression migraines, sleep problems, stress, and autism spectrum disorder among others. Depression, for example, is a psychological and behavioral disorder. Identifying this problem and training the brain to tackle the impact is what neuroscience is about. The customary cure for depression includes psychotherapy, antidepressants, or combined. The use of EEG has however been used to diagnose depression.


At the Neurocore the patient experiences neurofeedback treatment sessions consisting of watching their favorite show while wearing an EEG hat. While the patient is watching the neurofeedback process begins. It is however done after the client has their very own brain map. The Neurocore show players are programmed with distinct algorithms that read the patient’s brain waves during viewing and pause the show when the patient’s brain is not operating in best customs. Through this training, some patients learn how to control their focus, and with time the functioning of the brain improves. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

Incredible Italian Management for English Football: Gino Pozzo’s Watford Football Club

Watford FC is ran by the iconic Italian father and son duo of Gino Pozzo and Giampaolo Pozzo. Gino is one of Italy’s well-renowned businessmen, along with his dad – another giant of entrepreneurship. They currently own and manage Watford Football Club and they are incredibly hands on with the management of the club.

They first started their venture into the world of English Football with their purchase of Udinese Calcio more than two decades ago. In 2012, they fully completed the transaction and acquired Watford Football Club from Laurence Bassini. They also sold Granada Football Club to Jiang Lizhang, Chinese Businessman.

Gino Pozzo has been investing a lot on the Watford FC – their family has been dedicating a lot of resources to the team. Gino is able to do this because their other businesses are already established and has a working system of their own. Meaning that their other businesses can operate independently and is making significant revenue even without Gino’s guidance. Gino is dedicating a lot of time and effort to Watford FC because it does require a high-grade of attention. In Watford FC, new elements always get involved like new players, and new coaches, which means that Gino Pozzo has to always be hands on with the management of the team.

Gino punctuates that though their family runs a multitude of businesses – he believes that Watford FC would be their top performing venture in the near future because of the great performance of the team, and the positive behavior of English Football.

Gino Pozzo says that Watford FC isn’t just based on the level of competition that they are performing in, but it is based on how well the team is organized and how well they function as one single unity. Watford FC is a relatively new project which means the efficient allocation of resources is as important as the playing skill of the players.

Gino is greatly motivated by the strong tradition, the culture, background and history of English Football. Which is why he is so into the game and the business of managing an English Football Team.

Reasons Why Home Owners and Enterprises Should Be Switching to Agera

Agera Energy is an energy utility firm established in 2014. The firm specializes in energy supply and distribution. Agera connects its clients (homeowners and business enterprises) to energy grids with an objective of supplying either natural gas or electricity. Unlike most energy firms, Agera also offers its clients with utility invoice audit services while also providing energy efficiency. Watch this video on

While connecting and selling energy to clients to clients is the firm’s area of specialization, the firm invests in teaching and empowering its clients on efficient ways to use power. Agera Energy believes that it is their responsibility as a firm to educate its clients on the best energy practices as this will bring about the rise of an energy conscious society. The energy retail firm provides working tips that ensure that their clients are economical in power usage.

Agera Energy is an independent energy supplier; this means that the firm has no affiliations with the federal or state government. Zero alliances to the state and federal government mean that Agera can focus all its attention to its clients. Consequently, the firm can guarantee that their provided energy services are both swift and robust while at the same time meeting the needs of individual clients.


Energy suppliers with affiliations to either the state or federal government at times face budget limitations, and this affects the quality of services offered to clients. Besides, these firms use the one size fits all while rendering their services. While this makes business sense for the firm rendering energy supply, the clients are often left at a disadvantage.

Agera Energy allows its clients to access their specific type of energy they need instantly. If a home’s or enterprise’s energy needs are high, Agera Energy will immediately connect the home or business to the grid then supply it with energy suiting their needs. Agera can help clients switch from one energy type to another; this means that if a homeowner or enterprise opts to switch to green energy, Agera Energy will make the switch possible, with minimal wait time meaning that your business or home will experience zero downtime during the transition. Read more about Agera Energy on

Rebel Wilson Continues Her Run Off Successes Rolling On With Her Most Recent Work

Rebel Wilson has been one of the most successful stars in film and television over the last decade. She has impressive accomplishments to her credit such as starting in Pitch Perfect and more recently gaining a starring role in Cats. Rebel Wilson also just had her brand new romantic comedy film Isn’t It Romantic added to the lineup at Netflix.

Things have been quite busy for the star as of late but she is certainly not minding this fact at all. Isn’t It Romantic takes an interesting spin on the romantic comedy category by playing on some of the classic themes that the genre is known for. Rebel Wilson fans and romantic comedy fans alike have really been embracing this most recent piece of work from Australian film star Rebel Wilson.

In regard to her new role in Cats, Rebel Wilson just made headlines in the way that she celebrated her thirty-ninth birthday while tying in her new role. Rebel’s friends threw her an interesting spin on a surprise party that included some cat themed work out routines and a trip to a cake baking class where Rebel Wilson got to make her own birthday cake. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

This highly entertaining party time was captured for everyone to see through Rebel Wilson’s Instagram account where the party was chronicled. This cat exercise program that caught so many people’s attention was held in Beverly Hills and Rebel reported that the workout seemed to be quite effective. This really was a great tie in with her upcoming work on Cats.

One of the reason’s that the upcoming 2019 release of Cats is so anticipated is due to the fact that it has an outstanding and renowned cast. Along with Rebel Wilson, the cast also includes Taylor Swift, someone that Rebel is very excited to get to work with.

Other well-known cast members include James Corden, Ian McKellen, Idris Elba and Jennifer Hudson. This really is a spectacular cast for this upcoming film. Landing this role is another bit of proof that Rebel Wilson really has her career in full stride at the moment.

The fact that Rebel Wilson’s career is going so well at the moment really is fitting. The Australian born actress has always been passionate about acting and performing and has been involved in it since she was young. One of her credits from her youth is the fact that she is an Australian Theatre for Young People graduate.

From there, she went on to achieve a great deal of success in several television projects on the air in Australia before breaking onto the global scene and starring in hit films.