Gump’s Set To Reopen In San Francisco

San Francisco-based consumers may have a reason to rejoice, as it’s recently been announced that famed retailer Gump’s is set to reopen. The luxury department store closed its door in December 2018 and has spent the past several months reinvesting to ensure that it could continue operations. Before closing at this time, the store had remained at its premises on Union Square for a considerable amount of time.

According to reports, Gump’s initially had a different storefront, although this burned down in 1906, which led to the retailer re-locating to the premises on Union Square. The brand remained there for over a century before the outlet was forced to close down, much to the dissatisfaction of many consumers.

Throughout its history, the store was known for selling a variety of items, most notably home furnishings and home décor. Alongside this were products such as several designer brands, as well as cultured freshwater pearls, precious gemstones, and jewelry. They also carry top-quality luxury brands including Hermes and Buccellati.

While Gumps achieved a significant amount of success because of these products, it became even more successful thanks to is increasingly iconic status. Much of this was driven by celebrities such as Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was known to purchase smoking jackets and ship models from the store. Actress Sarah Bernhardt also reportedly purchased a bronze snake for her role as Cleopatra from Gump’s.

While the store seemingly came to an end in 2018, a new chapter looks to start with a grand reopening. Though the company was initially owned by the Gump family since its inception in 1861, it has been purchased by a new firm that looks to capitalize on its reputation. Go To This Page to learn more.

The purchase doesn’t come out of nowhere, as those purchasing Gump’s have been investing in the company for over a decade, making it a natural step to buy the remaining shares of the firm.

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