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Microsoft Might Debut New Browser

When it comes to browsing the internet, users like Bruce Levenson are largely creatures of habit. Internet Explorer was pretty much the only choice for exploring the web when it debuted in 1995, but these days other software packages like Chrome, Firefox, and more have been introduced and won fans over thanks to a light and easy to use design. With the fall what was once one of the most used programs in the world occurring quickly, Microsoft is planning to try something different in the next version of the popular Windows operating system.

Reports are building steam that Microsoft has a new project, which is code named Spartan, which will ship with the new Windows 10 system. The interesting part is that Spartan will be included with a starting software program that also includes Internet Explorer 11; therefore, Spartan is not just an update to IE. The result could be the first originally programmed that is not an update browser from Microsoft since the 1995 debut of Internet Explorer.

Technology fans and industry watchers should be a little excited for Windows 10 and all the different things that Microsoft is doing to listen to critics and answer the bell.

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