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If You Have Been Injured, Call A Professional : Dan Newlin

Find A Good Injury Attorney

There are times when life gets rough, and you get injured. It’s not your fault. The car came out of nowhere, and now you are hurt and out of work. Or maybe your were injured at work due to negligence of your employer. This isn’t your fault, either. In order to keep the roof over your head, get the medical attention you deserve and pay for medical bills, you must take action. Contacting an attorney that specializes in injury cases is one of the most sure fire ways to address this situation. Get the money you deserve for your case by working with the best attorney in injury. Call Dan Newlin and his team today if you are suffering from an injury, accident or negligence. He’s the best for the job. If you want to settle your dispute, there is no better place to turn.

About Dan Newlin And His Team

Dan Newlin and his team have their offices in Greater Chicago, South Florida and Central Florida. These are the areas they service, so if you are injured and in one of these areas, give them a call as soon as possible to get your case started fast. There’s no reason to wait. Dan is well qualified for the job, and he only hires the best attorneys to work with him on his team. He started his career in law by joining law enforcement. He was 20 years old when he decided to join the law enforcement and fire fighters in Indiana. When he left the state of Indiana he went to Florida. There, he worked at the police station until he attained the high rank of Sherif. He worked 10 years in Florida’s law enforcement. When he began his practice outside of law enforcement he brought with him the knowledge and skills of a true professional. Dan Newlin was discussed in this press release as well.

Since he started practicing law Dan has always been patient to listen to all aspects and details of his clients cases. He hires the best and brightest attorneys to work on cases with him. His staff screens calls carefully. They look for any ways that the client can win the case and get the justice they deserve.

Just Call #DAN

In a new world of social media, like Twitter, the hashtag is common place. Dan and his team decided to create a shortened phone number for their clients who live in Greater Chicago, Central Florida and South Florida. In any place where Dan Newlin and his attorney team has offices, current clients can call #DAN to reach them. This is, of course, much easier than remembering a long 10 digit phone number.

Investing Model Implemented By Stephen Murray Still Working For CCMP Capital

There’s a huge reason that private equity has become one of the most popular asset classes for institutional investors like pensions. In a ten year period ending in 2013, private equity returned an annualized return of 12.5%. No other asset class even came close. Large institutional investors look for investment opportunities that are not completely risky and that can bring in a decent return. That’s exactly what private equity does. Private equity firms like Stephen Murray CCMP Capital make large investments in companies that they have researched extensively.

Stephen Murray was the chief architect of the current investing model that is still used by CCMP Capital. The company is willing to cooperate with current management and they will also deal directly with other private equity partners. A number of their most recent public deals shows their willingness to do that. Murray came up through JP Morgan Partners and was named CEO when they spun CCMP Capital out as a separate entity. JP Morgan was active in the business since JP Morgan himself first started combining companies for massive growth. CCMP Capital, under Murray, used many of the tactics that Murray had learned while working for JP Morgan Partners. His track record was so successful that many of the companies he invested in are still yielding big returns for CCMP Capital.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has seen a huge influx of funds in the past few years, like many other companies in the private equity arena. The consistent returns that have been delivered are very attractive to the huge investments funds that rely on steady streams of income. Of course, private equity carries a number of risks also. However, making investments in existing companies that have already show track records for performance can be a reasonably safe bet if done right. CCMP Capital has taken Milacron Holdings Corp and Ollie’s Bargain Outlet public this year. Combined, the two companies will bring in over $400 million from their IPOs. In both cases, the money from the IPO was earmarked to pay off debt. This means an instant increase in profitability as the debts are retired. Milacron is to pay a $145 million dividend to shareholders, of which CCMP is the largest by far with a 79% stake. Milacron has been operating since 1860. Both of these deals look to be exceptional ones for CCMP Capital. When a private equity company takes a company public they have a legitimate shot at a huge return. Many companies will appreciate rapidly after an IPO. They use the money to pay down debt and fund their business plans, which generally means more growth and higher profits. CCMP has over 3 dozen active investments in their portfolio. Murray’s investments are doing well.

CPA Marketing – How Can You Increase CPA Conversions?

CPA marketing is an intensely profitable business. The money that can be earned in this particular industry is huge mainly because there is money in the world of advertising. When a business is in need of gaining more clients and getting more leads, you can be sure they are spending good amounts of money for their business. The problem for most people is not knowing how to earn more from their visitors.

Oftentimes, the biggest struggle is having hundreds or even thousands of people visit your webpages, but they end up only receiving a few people signing up to join the offer. This shows that they have a slow conversion. The key to overcoming this is to make sure that you always use these secrets to gaining more conversions.

CPA Marketing – How Can You Increase CPA Conversions?

– Pre-Sell First

Pre-selling is oftentimes the best way to make sure that the majority of those who see your CPA offers are always pre-qualified. If you get random people seeing the ad, then you will have a lesser amount of people signing up. The key is to pre-qualify them and to find people that will surely sign up. Getting high conversions will showcase to your CPA managers that you have great skills and knowledge. You can pre-qualify them by simply making them jump through a few hoops.

– Get Targeted Traffic

If you want to have more qualified people see the CPA offers, make sure that you always target all the right people and use the right traffic sources. For example, using YouTube can be a great way to get targeted traffic. Paid advertising is another way to get very targeted traffic. The more targeted the traffic is, the more money you’ll make because only the right people will see your ad.

You can increase more of your CPA campaigns if you know how to promote those ads efficiently. The key is to make sure that you are only getting the right people looking at those campaigns. A thing to think about when it comes down to CPA is to also properly pre-qualify your visitors. Learning from an experienced marketer to teach you everything is the key to succeeding.

Ivan Ong is one of the most respected Internet marketing specialists in the world today because of his simplistic approach to using paid advertising for promotion. CPA is constantly growing, and this guy is always up to date on the latest technology on different techniques.

Susan McGalla, an Inspiring Business Professional

Businesswomen have been an integral part of the work force. In the past, women made up only a small amount of all business professionals. The influx of women has proven to be greatly beneficial. Companies with women sitting on their boards open the company up to larger demographics, improve the company’s reputation and gain the attention of female investors. This is rapidly changing as many more women begin to pursue careers as business professionals. Much of this progression can be attributed to various organizations which advocate for women to pursue careers in the field of business. In addition, there have been certain outliers who have been greatly successful in their business endeavours, and have thus inspired other women to pursue the same success. One such women is Susan McGalla.

McGalla conducted her undergraduate studies at Mount Union College, she received a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing. McGalla would use her education to achieve great success in the realm of business. She began her career at Joseph Horne Company. Following this she would go on to serve as a divisional merchandise buyer for women’s clothing at American Eagle Outfitters. Her success in this role and the managing positions that she held following it would lead to her becoming American Eagle Outfitter’s president and chief merchandising officer for the the American Eagle brand division. As she has before, McGalla was very successful in fulfilling her duties as president and chief merchandising officer. McGalla would eventually become the both the president and chief merchandising officer for the entire company. McGalla’s initiative and success at American Eagle Outfitters is highly indicative of her capabilities and business acumen. McGalla would eventually become a private consultant for both retail and financial investment firms. McGalla would serve on the Board of Directors for HFF Inc. Her past successes would earn the position of chief executive officer at Wet Seal Inc. McGalla would leave Wet Seal Inc. to found her own company. The company she founded is P3 Executive Consulting. In addition to her contributions and position at P3 Executive Consulting, McGalla is also the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers, a professional American football team.

All of McGalla’s experience and success in her business endeavours speak volumes about who she it. All of the success she was able to bring to American Eagle Outfitters while she was their president and chief merchandising officer illustrates her capabilities and knowledge as a business professional. The fact that McGalla was able to accomplish the large amount that she did in the corporate world proves that she has an immense amount of determination and ambition. This is because the business world has only recently started to see an influx of women. The overall lack of women makes it much harder for a woman to succeed, let alone attain a position of importance. Despite such obstacles McGalla was able to overcome. For these reasons McGalla serves as an inspiration to all women aspiring to be business professionals.

James Dondero Brings 30 Years Of Experience To The Investment Game

Investment banking is when a large corporation, bank or securities firm helps companies secure financing through underwriting or in most cases, working at the client’s agent. Investment banking is a serious business and when gone unchecked, the result is the financial collapse of 2008. Although this wasn’t the only such scandal in history, it sent shock waves across wall street. The result was Lehman Brothers going bankrupt; others such as Sallie Mae, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup and Merill Lynch had to rescued by the government.

Investment banking can be confusing. Most people think it’s set up that way purposefully in order to fool many people — especially the consumers. Investment banking has two sides: Buy and sell. The sell side has to do with trading and securities, while the buy side mostly deals with hedge funds, life insurance, mutual funds and private equity funds. Due to the complexity of investment banking, only very smart people are placed in charge of billion dollar portfolios.

One investment banker who has made an indelible mark on the industry is James Dondero on One of the most respected and renowned financial mind in the game, Dondero is also CEO of Highland Capital Management — a position he’s held for over 30 years. Dondero has an extensive resume and has personally overseen dozens of distressed investment deals. Dondero is also responsible for many of the pioneering loan methods and marketing solutions for investors all over the globe.

After graduating from the University of Virginia, Dondero immediately went to work for Protective Life. Stints at several other investment firms including AUM, American Express and Morgan Guaranty continued to hone Dondero’s skills as a top investor. Luckily for Dondero, his company came through the banking collapse unscathed.

Most of the top investment banks came within a whisker of going belly up. The financial scandal and ensuing bail-out was not without an outcry from critics. A number of rules and regulations were put in place to provide banking oversight. Some feel this is noting more than window dressing and banks are just as pernicious now as they were nearly 10 years ago. The Dodd-Frank Act is credited with providing new banking rules and regulations. So far, it seems that the banks are complying.

Everything You Need To Know About Product Recognition

Product recognition technology identifies objects like handbags, shoes, golf clubs, belts in videos and images through a tablet or mobile phone’s image sensor. This technology is being used by retailers and brands to allow shoppers see products in use from another person and instantly buy them for their personal use.

Typically, product recognition technology identifies a product when the user takes a photo. In most cases, users are busy walking on the streets where they take images of items they want from other people. Once a search of the item is conducted on the technology, the results produced are normally from stores that have support the technology on their inventory. The results come accompanied with a buy now button that allows the mobile phone user to buy on the spot.

Because of the big number of mobile device users, this revolutionary shopping method has a dazzling future. This is because many mobile phone users have access to the internet and a camera. Shopping is made simpler because many online shops support mobile phone shoppers with different payment options.

Product recognition technology also allows other mobile applications to identify advertisements or specific products that fall within a particular context. For instance, a mobile phone app developer may upload images of products as seen on a billboard and have the images recognized when a cell phone user with an enabled device snaps a photo of them. This solution has provided mobile phone device users with a better interactive view of available real things around them and with a possibility of not just seeing, but also buying.

Today, retailers use this technology to bring products to the customers. Since the inception of this technology a few years back, it has seen rapid development. Compared to when a shopper searches on a search engine for an item and gets a lot of results, this technology delivers results that are fewer and more practical. Because many stores have their product recognition apps when a user searches for a particular product, the results are of products that the user can buy.

Slyce It is one of the pioneer product recognition technology providers. Working with retailers, the company provides integration right into the retailer’s either new or existing app. Slyce It’s advanced image recognition technology can stream all captured images through a series of stages so as to determine matches. The best thing about this technology is the fact that it can provide exact matches for the products searched as opposed to many other similar products on the market.

Image recognition is the next big thing when matters related to making shopping easier and fun are concerned. Every retailer and store should integrate their inventory with the technology to target better sales.

How Visual Search Technologies Are Changing the Face of Modern Technology

One of the biggest ironies of software development comes from the fact that the best tools are those which people tend to take for granted. Search engines are one of the best examples of this trend. Visual Search engines are as ubiquitous in people’s lives as water. People have a thought, and they put it into a search engine without any hesitation. The fact that it’s so closely tied in with day to day life also means that people tend to forget the limitations.

One of the biggest issues with search engines stems from the fact that it relies on textual data. This is fine for a lot of things. One can easily type in dates to find what happened on a particular day. It’s easy to use a search engine to get descriptions of things that one already has some bit of information on. But search engines are unable to really react to one of the most basic questions humans ask of the world when they first start to talk. The reaction to a total unknown is to ask what it is. And traditional search engines have no way of answering that kind of question. It’s taken some major leaps in the way researchers tackle data to find a way around it. And that new method is known as visual search.

Visual search technologies relate to the world in a way similar to humans. People are visual, and that’s how people first frame new concepts. When people see a painting, for example, their first thought isn’t of an artist. A person might be able to inquire as to who created the piece. But the first reaction a person will have is fully visual. And it’s something that can only be translated textually with some effort. And usually that won’t be precise enough for search engines. Visual search bypasses that step. It takes the role of perceiver and does the analysis itself. Then it’s able to go through a database in order to determine exactly what it’s looking at. With an entire world’s worth of information a visual search will usually be quite precise. Of course that technology is nothing without people actually tying it into a program.

Slyce is the leading company in the field of visual search, and they’ve created an entire suite of technologies around it. One of their most popular programs involves tying in visual search to existing applications. This allows one to communicate with potential customers on a whole other level. Suddenly an app can look at an item someone likes and offer suggestions from an existing inventory. Slyce is also able to create custom applications to fit any need. But most importantly they’re continuing to hone and develop the technology to take it into a variety of new and exiting directions.

Mobile Wireless Services Alternatives Growing in Online Marketplace

When looking for a great new company for wireless services, users need look no further than FreedomPop. Mobile wireless service provider offers low cost wireless service plans with basic voice and data. What the company, FreedomPop is doing is giving customers the option to find WiFi service from millions of hotspots, nationwide, with unlimited use by signing on for a fee of only $5.00. This is a service that will work just like cellular, but is a sole WiFi alternative.

The business model for FreedomPop is to purchase only data from carriers to sell for VoIP, voice and other services. Tiers of usage is also negotiated and then FreedomPop will only pay for the amount of data it uses from a carrier. This is a ‘virtual sales and service,’ business model, rather than sales in retail stores. The result in much lower cost per user of below $5.00 each where normally retail user acquisition costs are at $380 per user.

FreedomPop is gauging user data consumption by the pattern of over 90% WiFi that already is happening. The president of FreedomPop, Stephen Stokols, states that “approximately 120 million people and between 65% and 90% of the top 100 metros,” or NBA and NFL franchise cities will be serviced. By the end of the first quarter the number of users served will find more than 25 million hotspots. The use of multiple devices will be enabled with Android and iOS apps from FreedomPop within the next few weeks.

There are other WiFi plans popping up as well for a similar price per month. Boingo has unlimited access with 1 million hotspots throughout the world. This plan will work in airports, hotels, bars an other popular places. This is however a temporary discount from the normal monthly fee of $9.95 per month. Devices that are enabled to be compatible with Boingo’s services are Mac and Window iPads, Tablets, laptops, Androids, iOS, Kindles and others. The data speeds being offered are much faster than 3G/4G by a factor of 10 for streaming video, games, Skype, Facetime, and downloading massive sized files.

What users most commonly use now is the vast LTE Verizon network which comprises more than 15 network upgrades with reliable performance qualities for 4G/LTE users. Both carrier aggregation along with heterogeneous networks still attract over 308 million users who either will likely continue to rely on these services because of availability or switch for great savings on data.

I Love Skout, And I Love The Skout Travel Feature

I’m on the Skout network at least five days out of the week. Even though I work five days a week, I’ll still go on Skout while I’m at work because I have the app on my cell phone. The other day my phone was cut off, and I had no Internet service, so I started bringing my tablet to work with me, just so I could use the free wifi. I’m so obsessed with using the Skout network that I make sure I have access to it at all time, even if I’m on the road. Once I turned my cell phone back on, then I started using Skout on it again.

The reason I like the Skout network is because of all the activities it has available, but I’m a big fan of Skout Travel. Skout Travel has allowed me to virtually visit many destinations that are around the world, and I’ve learned a lot of things along the way. Even though I haven’t been to any place outside of my home town, it’s broadened my horizons when I use the Skout Travel feature. I have plans in the future to visit in person a couple of the places that I’ve visited through Skout Travel.

Skout Travel is very simple to use, and all I have to do is pay 25 Skout Points to access a destination. Once I know where I want to go, I pay my points, and then I can go on my virtual journey. I get to learn a lot about the places I’m traveling to, and I also can meet people that actually live in these places. I’ve met a few people on my journey, and I asked a lot of questions that needed answering. It’s like I have a tour guide as well as a great way to travel by using the Skout Travel feature.

I’m able to see some pictures of places that I’ve never been to, and the pictures are great. I can learn so much about any place around the world that I choose, and all this traveling makes me want to go out and travel for real. I’ve even looked into the cost of a plane ticket to go to the UK because that’s one of the places I virtually travelled to. Skout Travel is an amazing feature that the Skout network offers, and it has really opened my eyes to how big the world really is.

Using the Skout network to do virtual traveling has also made me think about creating a group that consists of people who are fans of Skout Travel, or I’d like to meet other people who love to travel. The Skout Travel feature has so many destinations available that it would be a crime not to share my experiences with other people. I also like the fact that Skout Travel has allowed me to meet people in the destinations that I virtually travel to.

FreedomPops WI-FI Service Offered to New Users

One of the most innovative and attractive features of a smartphone is the ability to use WI-FI. WI-FI is a way to use the mobile Internet for free on mobile devices. This comes as a very convenient option for people who do not really want to pay for data. However, even WI-FI has its limits. There is the need to find a hotspot. Fortunately, FreedomPop offers a service that can help connect people to millions of mobile hotspots. This WI-FI service also logs the user in automatically when they want to use the WI-FI hotspot for mobile Internet. This service is available to users for only $5 a month.

Offering WI-FI as a service is a first for users of FreedomPop. With this WI-FI service, FreedomPop expects to break 1 million users within the year. It is possible. After all, FredomPop is offering something that no other carrier is offering. Many carriers are still offering their LTE services in which people have to pay a premium price in order to take advantage of it. This WI-FI service gives the other mobile carriers a run for their money due to the fact that they are offering nothing similar to what FreedomPop is offering.

As for who is providing the WI-FI for the service, FreedomPop is not disclosing due to what their contract states. However, information has been given as to where the WI-FI service could be accessed. Among the retailers that carry this service are Best Buy, Starbucks, McDonalds and Burger King. Previous offers of FreedomPop included a free but limited service with the option to buy more data, or minutes if one has a need for it. Another interesting thing about this WI-Fi service is that it is not intended to be an extension of free, but limited model. It is meant to be a full service for customers, no matter the carrier.